The Motive for a Monumental Scam.

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Jerndal – The Motive for a Monumental Scam

September 16, 2020


(left, Jens Jerndal) 
We now know that in some countries, especially Italy and America, the health authorities have ordered doctors and hospitals to declare Covid-19 to be the cause of death of patients, even if it was obvious that they died from another cause.
 It’s important to understand that the tests used are simple Antibody or PCR tests with an acknowledged error margin of up to 80%. The test will react to a previous, overcome infection with Covid-19, and it will also react to many infectious agents other than the Covid-19 virus. In other words, the tests are useless for identifying Covid-19 from other similar infections.
In the US, hospitals and physicians have even been paid large amounts of money for just writing Covid-19 on the death certificate. And yet, even with this documented massive over-reporting, the actual death figures this year for all causes have turned out to be within the same low range as most previous annual flu seasons, when no panic was created, and no lockdown, nor any other disruptive measures were undertaken.
Do you really believe those who ordered the world closed down, did it to postpone the death of a few very old and very sick people for a matter of months or even years? – As if they could care less! -They want most of us dead anyway. And the fact is that the lockdown is causing far more deaths than the virus ever could. Now you see it, now you don´t. It’s called “sleight of hand” – or simply deceit!
No, they have a very different motive for imposing lockdown during this monumental scam. It’s a kind of rehearsal or test balloon to see how far they can go, and how easily the world population can be manipulated and made to obey even the most absurd commands. You’ve got to admit they´ve been successful beyond belief!
They want to furtively introduce a global technological-military dictatorship known as the New World Order (NWO). And trick us all into accepting being 100% controlled and under the boot of this new class of global overlords.
How can we explain that nearly every so-called sovereign country – most claiming to be democracies – obeyed the command to lock down the entire country at the drop of a word from an international health agency, or on cue from another country, just imitating it? – Without consulting its own population or making its own research and deliberations about the tremendous long-term consequences and mind-blowing costs that they are causing. Is that proof that we already have a covert world government, and WE THE PEOPLE haven´t even noticed it?
The original plan was to launch the New World Order via the UN Agenda 21, introduced at the UN Conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. That conference was organized on the initiative of David Rockefeller by Canadian oil magnate and UN diplomat Maurice Strong often referred to as David Rockefeller´s “right hand”.
Agenda 21 was followed in 2015 by Agenda 2030, and the Global Warming scare. However, it seems they haven´t been making sufficiently fast progress, so now they are using fake global pandemics as a more compelling scenario to impress the need for a global government with far-reaching powers. To be complemented with vaccines, electronic communication implants, and the new microwave communication technology called 5G.
The NWO promoters have practiced for many years now, launching maybe a dozen fake and mostly failed “pandemics” since the first one I know of, the HIV scam, launched in 1984. The HIV Holocaust is estimated to have caused some 30 million deaths, about 5 times as many as the much-lamented Nazi holocaust during WW2.
The vast majority of deaths attributed to AIDS were in fact directly caused by the psychological terror whipped up, combined with the lethal AZT drug pushed on those tricked into taking a totally fraudulent test yielding masses of false positives. That was the first and so far most successful exercise in selective reduction of the world population, presided over by the very same Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is today busy pushing the lockdown and trying to stop and outlaw any remedies that actually work.
Today the strategy is to first put enough fear into us to make the entire world population accept a fake “vaccine” as a second step. The purpose of that vaccine is to genetically modify us and implant electromagnetic nano technology into every one of us.
The third step of this strategy is none other than 5G, sold us with promises of faster downloads of movies, self-driving cars, and the Internet of Things (IoT). While hiding the devastating long-term effects on all life that 5G will have, and which the CIA and the military have had knowledge of for several decades but kept secret.
With this combination, they will control the life, death, health, and mind of every man, woman and child on the planet, 100%.
Do you trust Big Tech, Big Pharma, the CIA, and your politicians enough to give them full control over your body, mind, health, life, and death? – I am not exaggerating – that´s what it comes to.
If the NWO people get away with this, it’s likely to result in a drastic reduction of the population, and the enslavement and robotization of the few remaining people our rulers consider useful. And please note that there is nothing theoretical about this. This plan has been amply, if piecemeal, documented since more than half a century by many of the most powerful and influential political figures in the USA, belonging to what we now call “the Deep State”. This documentation consists of very many bits and pieces of information from different related sources over time, and for the consistent picture to emerge in all clarity, it’s necessary to connect a number of dots. It’s therefore impossible to offer a comprehensive list of references in this article. But I assure you that the picture is clear enough.
5G microwave technology has been known and tested secretly by the military for several decades. It can be used for crowd control and to paralyze or kill an enemy. To claim that there is no evidence for its negative effects on human health is a gross lie. And it’s not only humans who are affected. This radiation is a mortal threat to ALL life on our planet.
An important aspect to keep in mind is the ecological one. For instance, how the entire “Plant Kingdom” that forms the basis of the food cycle for all animal life, depends on bees and insects for reproduction and survival. Bees and other pollinators are not only vulnerable to toxic chemicals but also to electromagnetic radiation…
Furthermore, any mention of 5G, or of the dangers of vaccines, or even the name of certain truth-tellers or whistle-blowers, is now automatically removed from the Internet by algorithms. They are afraid that enough people will wake up before they have succeeded in tricking the rest of us into an electronic, physical, and mental straight-jacket from which there is no escape.
From now on, all who allow themselves to be vaccinated, are giving up their physical and mental integrity. They can no longer remain independent conscious individuals with a free will and a tolerably dignified existence. Provided they even survive.
The Coronavirus by itself is no threat to human lives. 5G is, by itself, and especially in combination with the virus. Influenzas and colds are an inevitable part of normal human life, and actually a symptom of our bodies detoxifying. Treated properly, they even strengthen our immune system, long term.
The first thing to do in order to protect and strengthen the immune system is to avoid all vaccines and poisonous drugs masquerading as remedies. Also, all kinds of pesticides and other poisonous chemicals. These, along with unhealthy industrially produced foods, are the main reasons why the immune system of most people today has lost its ability to protect us against health hazards of all kinds, and why so many people now suffer auto-immune diseases.
Precisely during the Covid-19 “plandemic” it has turned out that those who fared worst and were the first to die, were the oldest people in nursing homes routinely prescribed a collection of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, including statins, that destroy every bit they may have had left of a normal immune system.
The immune system is actually our only effective defense against illness, especially viruses and cancer. It so happens that all microwave radiation has a destructive effect on our immune system, and 5G far more so than previous generations of the technology.
A weakened immune system makes us extremely vulnerable to health problems of all kinds. Projected at specific frequencies, 5G can cause illness, and also directly kill us, for instance by making it impossible for the blood of targeted individuals to absorb enough oxygen from the air. And this is exactly what some doctors have noticed happening with victims of Covid-19, both in China, in Italy and in the US. 5G is a weapon system invented to control the enemy or violent crowds.
There are several effective treatments that have been used in Asia to cure Covid-19, and even by a few independent doctors in Europe and the USA, but WHO, the US Health authorities under Dr. Fauci, and Big Pharma are working around the clock to prohibit and stop the use of such treatments. Even publishing fake studies pretending they are dangerous. They want to establish the credo that there is no cure, and the only solution is a vaccine.
The truth is there is no need for a real normal vaccine for Covid-19. It would not even be meaningful, because the virus is believed to mutate very fast, & the vaccine when available would no longer be able to target the virus circulating by then. Remember, the flu vaccine has to be changed every year, and even so, it may only be effective on a third or so of those who are getting it. While at the same time a considerable number of those vaccinated experience serious adverse events, that often permanently ruin their lives.
As for the effect of already existing (non-GMO) vaccines, it was found that in Italy those who had been vaccinated against the seasonal flu with the latest vaccine during a recent mandatory mass vaccination, made up a disproportionately large part of the deaths, attributed to Covid-19. These vaccinations have been identified as one of the main reasons Italy experienced so many deaths, not that Covid-19 as such is particularly contagious or deadly….
According to the prominent independent Italian doctor Antoinetta Gatti, the present Italian government has sold the country to Big Pharma, passing unconstitutional laws mandating no less than ten compulsory vaccinations for every child. She is pleading for help from other countries, to help the Italian people escape this politically imposed death trap. This also fits in with Italy being the first western country to close its borders and shut down the entire economy, soon to be followed by most other countries.
The literally blood-curdling Corona Conspiracy is by far the most impacting and dangerous one ever set in motion in the history of Humanity. But the virus as such is the least dangerous part. It is the combination of a GMO-vaccine and 5G radiation, that has the potential to change our DNA, and even end all life on Earth. Obviously, the instigators are fully aware of this, and have the means to protect themselves from the impact. Whether they have understood the consequences of this impact on our natural environment, and what that means for the prospects of long-term human survival is more doubtful. They may likely unwittingly cut off the branch they are themselves sitting on.
Therefore, if we don’t put a stop to this mad conspiracy right now, our beautiful planet may well soon become a lifeless barren planet, like the Moon or Mars. It may be reduced to a cosmic memorial to the megalomaniac madness of our too technically brilliant, psychopathic self-appointed leaders, who fatally lack emotional intelligence, wisdom, and love for the human condition.
Three crucial questions remain:
1) Are you aware that the Law and the justice system in most countries have long since been hijacked by the deep state racketeers? Who have now proved in country after country that they will impose dictatorial mandates overnight, erasing every letter of legal protection, even laws supposed to protect our innate irrevocable human rights, such as bodily integrity and basic freedom of expression. And they have done it at the drop of a word from the WHO, or a US health agency run by Big Pharma. How´s that for Democracy?
2) Do you realize that right now you are just like a brainwashed frog in a pan with slowly heating water?
3) Do you realize that your only chance of surviving with some kind of dignity and freedom is to jump out of that water NOW, before it reaches its boiling point, which is already VERY close?
In other words, it’s HIGH time we all join forces and take decisive action, leaving no-one in doubt that WE THE PEOPLE are sovereigns of our own lives and fates. We are not pawns of the handful of psychopath technocrats, billionaires and politicians who have robbed us of our power with their fraudulent de-mock-racy! And who plan to cook us all for dinner!
What’s at stake here is your life, & the lives and future of your near & dear, not just your job & your money!  It’s about the possibility of your children & grandchildren to survive and evolve as free, healthy, conscious and happy individuals.
Remember the Nazi holocaust, and the Fascist and Soviet terror regimes? – They are back, in a new version with the difference that the perpetrators now have vastly more advanced and subtle technology at their disposal.
So what are you waiting for? – Contact everyone you know, share this with them and get organized! – Then try and find other conscious groups, and recruit key people in local and middle government, media, healthcare, local politics, trade, the industrial workforce, distribution, communication, the police force, defence etc.
Make sure they understand what´s at stake, and ask them to forward this call for massive passive resistance to everybody they know!
Remember No 5G and no vaccinations.
From now on, anyone vaccinated risks being inactivated or eliminated.  Don’t worry – nobody needs vaccinations if properly nourished and cared for. Everything you hear about vaccinations from the medical system is just untrue dangerous propaganda, based on fake science and endless greed.
Remember, this is about your own survival and your children’s future! – And you need to take action NOW!