Sling the old folks on the cart. Monty Python thought it was a joke.

Have you noticed how the symptoms keep changing? They don’t really have a clue what COVID symptoms are.

More likely they continue releasing fresh batches of virus with different characteristics trialling their bio-weapons on the public while they have a cover story.

COVID’s becoming a general term for unwell, and a general term for death.

A bit like ‘the plague’.

They didn’t seem to have much idea what the symptoms for the plague were either, according to this sketch from Monty Python’s Life Of Brian.

Money’s being made during a pandemic.  Bring out your dead, Eric cries like the milkman saying bring out your empty bottles.

No one cares about the medical niceties.

Better to keep the cheques rolling and and thin the population of inconvenient elderly people.  John Cleese trying to bump one off and sling him on the cart.

Funny how plagues and COVIDs never touch the rich………..except in the media of course.

Royals live to one hundred.  Peasants get seventy if they’re lucky…..

The government is desperate to stop the tests as ‘asymptomatic’ case numbers balloon into the ridiculous zone