Dramatic new Coronavirus symptoms panic government into considering September 18th UK lockdown.

The virus is dividing and replicating so rapidly that officials say they can now see exactly how dangerous it has become.

No more than six people are allowed on a tennis court at any one time.

Four is usually plenty for a game of doubles.  So no problem.

The above doubles game started as a singles, making administration of the new protocol extremely difficult to enforce.

If players start ‘popping’ to accommodate the growth of the virus, numbers on court can increase dramatically in just a couple of hours.

The police say they are looking into new ways to enforce the rule of six.

One idea being trialled by the government – if players wear masks, they will be less likely to ‘pop’.

Either that or everyone will be made to stay at home indefinitely – until scientists have decided if human beings are still a viable species or are rapidly to become extinct.

If you can make more sense of this post than you can of government edicts you are not alone.

Let’s see if the 18th September forecast for a six month lockdown across Europe comes to pass.  Obviously we hope it doesn’t;t but the sources are usually reliable – John Kitson, Ian Crane and so on.

September 18th flagged as next lockdown date a second time – called ‘Under The Dome’