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COVID-19: Rights Groups Successfully Challenging Mandatory Face Mask Rules in France

ER Editor: Please note that the article below is an MSM-style piece, buying into the ‘cases of covid are RISING‘ fear narrative without there being increasing numbers of actually-sick-people.

In the Strasbourg region of France, it is a hospital psychologist and doctor who have brought legal action against mask wearing (Bas-Rhin: Victoire juridique contre le port du masque, « Une atteinte immédiate à la liberté d’aller et de venir”), although according to an update in this article, the health minister, Olivier Véran, may try to appeal against this decision or override it. In a second report from France Soir, we see that legal action being taken in the Lyon area against mask wearing is also being attempted in the cities of Paris and Nice (Lyon et Villeurbanne : la justice retoque (encore) l’arrêté sur le port du masque obligatoire).

That makes at least four major urban centres in France where legal challenges to mandatory mask wearing are being made.


COVID-19: Rights groups challenge mandatory face mask rules in France


Some French local authorities are being forced to revise orders making mouth and nose coverings compulsory as courts side with civil liberties groups.

court in Lyon ruled on Friday that making face masks mandatory in all public spaces in Lyon and neighbouring Villeurbanne constituted a “serious and illegal infringement” of citizens’ liberties.

An announcement on the mandatory use of face masks on the streets of Paris on September 1, 2020.
An announcement on the mandatory use of face masks on the streets of Paris on September 1, 2020.   –   Copyright  AFP/Christophe Archambault