A Stark Warning of an Impending Coup; Track and Arrest the Conspirators!


Colonel Richard H. Black, a Marine combat veteran and former head of the Army’s Criminal Law Division, documents the plot for a military intervention should President Trump win the election. Bill Binney explains that the means to identify and track the conspirators exists already in the NSA’s data base and Kirk Wiebe elaborates the stakes. The conspirators are talking about it openly because they are trying to normalize the idea, to get you to accept it.


  • Col. Richard H. Black, USA Ret., Marine combat veteran, former Head of the Army’s Criminal Law Division, the Pentagon
  • William Binney, former Technical Director National Security Agency
  • J. Kirk Wiebe, former Senior Analyst National Security Agency

Circulate this video everywhere and report back to us where you have done so. Talk to your friends in the military and demand that they support the President and the Constitution. Call for the President to Use Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the sedition laws to prosecute the perpetrators.

Source: https://larouchepac.com/20200916/stark-warning-impending-coup-track-and-arrest-conspirators