Who’s behind the ‘spontaneous’ mass rallies?

Farage’s coverage of issues not covered by the mainstream media reminds you of Al Jazeera.

He interviews the people on the ground affected, and shows footage of the events as they happen, but asks no questions as to who might be behind it all and orchestrating the gradual invasion of Britain and the breakdown of law and order.

He also covers the filling up of hotels with illegal immigrants across the north of England.

SERCO has a contract to house the huge numbers flooding into the country, and they’re filling up hotels.  Hotel carparks are empty.  Officially they’re closed – but they’re full.  Farage claims local residents are contacting him to get the story out.

He owns the Brexit Party which is a limited company.  He’s made a profit of £7 million out of the party so far.  It gives him the freedom to run a social media channel – which does not get taken down.  He’s the only way the news of the unopposed illegal immigration is getting out, the filling up of hotels and the riotous ‘spontaneous’ gatherings.

In one of his newscasts he describes how busloads of immigrants being put up in hotels are being given VIP tours of Anfield (the ground of Liverpool football club).

One forgotten point is that militarily we are still in the EU.  Military includes Police.  Brexit hasn’t happened, and the EU want Britain to pay a heavy price.  It’s surprising that Farage doesn’t mention these facts in his presentations.  Is he the classic case of a managed opposition?  All his projects are staggeringly successful in drawing large numbers of supporters, but each time the project, whether UKIP, Brexit Party or whatever, founders on the rocks inexplicably all at the last minute, before he rises like The Phoenix to launch his next lucrative project.

He’s running his social media channel on lukewarm knowing full well the response from the public will be at boiling point.  This is the UK version of BLM.  The COVID scam has failed to cull many people.  The public are getting sceptical about masks and lockdowns.   World government manipulators need a new game.

They need the public shouting for martial law, so they can send in the troops to enforce lockdowns.  So they organise some serious illegal immigration and some mass riots, making sure there are a few pictures of unfortunate police officers sent in in pathetic numbers to fail.  The Police could easily deploy 1000 officers if they wanted to stop such a mess, backed up with riot gear, tear gas and so on.

Of course the same powers that fail to deploy proper numbers of police, also organise the riots from out of sight in the background, and let Farage set up his own private social media channel unopposed.  He’s built up and destroyed the anti-EU political movement twice before.  A third occasion should be well within his reach – a bit more complex now.  If he would simply admit that the EU runs British Police command it would help people to understand what is going on.