UK nurse believes COVID swab tests are contaminated.

I work at a hospital in one of these areas (Oldham, Pendle and Blackburn) that are locked down again.

A member of staff tested positive for coronavirus and did have a terrible cough. There are nine other staff that share the same workspace and of those four were sent home to self isolate for two weeks but only after they had finished their shift.

Two days after being sent home they were told to go back to the hospital to pick up computers so they could work from home!

Self isolating must have been paused at this time. The other staff including me have been at work and I can’t follow the logic to that. There is no logic.

No swabs have been taken from any other staff although I would have refused anyway .

Did we have a deep clean?

No we did not – in fact over the summer we have had 12 weeks without a cleaner.

These lockdown areas in my opinion are to fuel racial tensions.

Emails at work are already coming in about how important it is to have your flu jab and they want 100% to uptake.

Not a chance I will and if I lose my job over it so be it

TAP (Weaver) – I wonder whether the swabs are contaminated especially those that are taken up the nose?

Yes I think that the swabs up the nose and at the back of the throat are contaminated.

I have seen letters sent to people from Oxford University asking for help.

It involves every week for four weeks having a nose and throat swab. Then every month for 11 months so one year in total.

The person if complicit will receive £450 in vouchers.

One person I know against my advice has signed up and already had two weeks of swabs. I have explained that something must be on the swabs and to me it’s so obvious that they are looking for changes on the subsequent swabs. I shake my head in disbelief

TAP (Weaver) – Thank you for that information it could be contaminated with some form of particulate.