Trudeau & Canadian Govt Being Sued over Extreme COVID Measures [VIDEO]

ER Editor: Canadian constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati is suing, among others, the Premier of Ontario, the mayor of Toronto and Justin Trudeau himself in the Supreme Court in Ontario over the covid measures, which are proven to be causing more deaths than the ‘virus’ itself, and which have no medical or scientific justification. Here are some points raised:

  • His legal case is unique because he’s not suing someone like a state governor over a technicality. He’s suing over the unconstitutional nature of the body of COVID measures themselves, digging down into many aspects of them. Trudeau has been ruling by royal decree since the pandemic started, not through the Parliament, which was disbanded. Galati is suing under various sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • Physically and neurologically disabled children & adults have been targeted especially by these measures. And 84% of all those who allegedly died of covid are retired people in long-term care facilities. So age discrimination is one of the grounds for legal action.
  • The elderly have been living in gulags in the carehomes, unable to see others within the homes and without, their relatives unable to visit unless they could show proof of quarantine. Their habaeus corpus rights have been violated.
  • The diagnostic test is not actually a diagnostic tool for medical purposes; it’s only detecting RNA fragments of many things in a person’s system, including irrelevant stuff. The virus has not been isolated, purified and reproduced, and then injected into an animal to produce the stated illness. So how can we test for it? At first, identifying it was done by symptoms alone. Then they went from symptoms to a test that’s actually not fit for purpose. It’s a farce.
  • Annually in Canada, 8,100-8,200 people die from ‘flu complications. These are official stats. The death tally for covid is between 54% and 63% OVERSTATED depending on the jurisdiction. So we need to reduce the purported death rate from covid by 1/2 to 2/3. So we were just getting the number of covid deaths approaching last year’s influenza death rate, but then you have to significantly reduce that number to get the real number. Neither the US nor Canada has had the equivalent of the ‘flu death rate. In the US, 180,000 people died from influenza in 2018. By a factor of 12:1 or 14:1more people have died from covid measures than from the ‘virus’ itself.
  • During lockdown in US, heart attack deaths increased by 40% over last year’s figure. Additional suicides and drug overdoses outnumber the covid deaths by 3 to 1. In the UK, a Guardian analysis of April 2020 vs. April 2019 showed there were just over 10,000 extra Alzheimer’s deaths due to isolation and lack of medical attention. The UN just reported that 10,000 extra children every month all over the world have died from starvation due to disruption to food chains. By December of this year, as many as 130 million additional people are estimated to be on the brink of starvation due to the covid measures. Normally that figure is 9 million. Then there are all the missed surgeries in hospitals all over for cancer, heart problems, etc. Then there are those who wouldn’t get medical attention for fear of getting the virus. Less than 1/4 of 1% of people have died from covid 19, even with an elevated count of deaths. This is well in line with the annual flu tally. WHO/CDC define as an ‘epidemic’ where at least 7% of the population dies!
  • Children in schools: there is no rationale for a shut-down which is hurting children. TO’s Hospital for Sick Children, a premier children’s hospital in the world issued a report from June and July which made it clear that masks and social distancing are both unnecessary and will inflict psychological trauma on those children. Nobody under the age of 20 in Canada has died from covid. Doctors and medical staff come into close contact with patients, but they don’t stop working. Why are teachers special? They aren’t at any special risk. It’s all about control and nothing to do with health. The masks and SD are only starting at the grade 4 level; they won’t do this below grade 4 because they know children won’t comply. It’s all about control because the grade 4s and above can be controlled. The CDC has completely reversed its stance on masks due to politics, not science.
  • We need to use our common sense: shutting down ordinary businesses meant that large corporations were exempt because Walmart, for example, had a food section. Small businesses have been decimated. In BC alone, 21,000 businesses have gone bankrupt because of the covid measures. Why couldn’t churches be left open with social distancing in place? Because they didn’t want people meeting and talking about what was happening. They’re stripping us of who we are as a species. Masks have always been used on actual slaves to symbolize their obedience. It psychologically breaks people down and sets us against each other. In TO on the subway, people were packed in like sardines DURING THE INFECTIOUS period. Now they’re asking people to wear masks at home!
  • New Zealand: soldiers and police are going door to door to test people (with a bogus test). If a child tests positive, they’re quarantining them and ready to force vaccinate them. NZ and Australia don’t have a bill of rights so they’re doing it there first because it can’t be legally challenged. But it’s a harbinger of what’s to come. If TPTB can get away with it, they’ll try doing this in the fall of 2020 in N.America. How do government people know that this will continue through 2021 or 2022? How does the virus act in accordance with government mandates?
  • The positive note is that people are protesting en masse in various cities around the world but it isn’t being reported in the media. CBC is publicly funded in Canada: they’re being sued, too, because they haven’t posted one covid critical piece. Censoring expert debate on this is astounding. It’s worse than any fascist regime.
  • First, WHO is controlled by Gates and GAVI, so it’s controlled by billionaires and financiers (Trump withdrew US funding). Second, the New World Economic Order being put in place currently has existed since 1943 and has accelerated through international treaty accords over 5 decades because they override national sovereignty. Foreign individuals and corporations are elevated above nation states. So we have a burning down of the economy through large independent businesses closing down in favour of corporations; we also have surveillance and contact tracing. Their end game is to vaccinate everybody and microchip them in order to surveil them; 5G is there with the bandwidth capacity to surveil everybody on earth. That’s what it’s there for. The NSA’s stated agenda is to control and surveil everyone in the entire world – essentially through our cell phones. All of this is stated on public record. Gates talking about sterilization through forced vaccination is on public record through a 2011 TED talk. It’s all out there.
  • Conspiracy theory vs. Conspiracy: the notion of a conspiracy theory was invented by the CIA after the assassination of JFK and given to the media. It’s a propaganda tool by which these people dismiss and hide the truth. A conspiracy has 2 dimensions: a) an agreement between 2 people to achieve a certain end. If the end is criminal, it’s a criminal offence. b) If the agreement is for a legal end but does damage to someone, you can sue for that. It’s tort law. So yes, we are alleging actual conspiracy. Of course the elites sit down and plan. This doesn’t happen by pure coincidence.
  • To support this cause, use common sense and speak out. And go to @roccogalatilaw to see posted updates, as well as the Statement of Claim, which lays out the various grounds of the legal challenge. It cites 43 world experts critical of the measures since day one, but who have been censored in the media. Plus the 239 experts who wrote to the WHO last month critical of it. Most doctors and scientists are not political. So they’re fighting this without the larger geopolitical and economic perspective that is behind this. This virus has been chosen as the vehicle for the New World Economic Order in sum.
  • Protests help; it cannot just rely on law suits. Or else we’ll become New Zealand fast.


Video: Trudeau and Canadian Government Sued over COVID Measures. Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati


Super Lawyer Rocco Galati sues the Canadian government, Trudeau, Health Ministers, and others in first of its kind superior court lawsuit.

Galati lays out for listeners why his client and others have decided to sue over the extreme COVID measures that have now been proven to cause 14 to 1 more deaths than the actual virus. With these facts now proven, the government only continues to promote these extreme measures.

His lawsuit has a long list of experts, data, and more to prove the case against the government.

This lawsuit should serve as an important example to others around the world to also push back against these mandates that are destroying lives.

You can learn more and follow this important lawsuit by following Rocco Galati’s Twitter @RoccoGalatiLaw.


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