Massive increase in 4G pulsed microwave radiation in non-5G area

‘I suppose the COVID hasn’t affected you much,’ I ventured to a local farmer replacing a gate post in the lane this afternoon.

‘It’s really disappointing,’ he replied.

‘Why’s that? I asked.

‘I was hoping I’d catch it so I could have a day orf!’


More seriously on another matter.

One thing I’ve noticed with mobile phone electro magnetic frequency measurements while phone is in use is that since the lockdown they’ve changed completely.

I used to get a reading of around 100 to 200 milliwatts per square metre while someone was talking on their phone nearby.

They now read anything up to 20,000.

I only read wavelengths up to 8 Ghz on the Acoustimeter Model AM-10, so there could be higher than this.

It used to be the same reading anywhere in the room before the lockdown, typically at 100-200, and being far away from the phone made little difference.  Only when you were on the other side of a brick wall did the signal reduce significantly, or behind a thick laurel bush.

Now once you are over six paces away from the phone. the reading is far lower  than 20,000 – at around 50, less than it was before.

I fell asleep a few days ago and my son was on a call for two hours about two paces from my chair, while he was on a Play Station.

I awoke with severe chest pains just as I get when I don’t cover my chest with silver bobbinet sheet when out in the car, but far worse than experienced previously.

I gripped my rib cage for about half an hour to control the sensation/pain, and it eventually subsided.

It’s the same in the car if someone is on a call.  I cover my chest and head or the effects of mobile phone calls are far more noticeable than they were pre-lockdown.  I ask for all phones in the car to be switched off as much as possible now.

All I can imagine is that the mobile phone signal is now beamed direct to the phone whereas before it was broadcast to a general area.

When the phone is on but not in use there is much less signal effect than there was, but when they are in use, you need to be over six paces away from them, or wear protection if closer.

I don’t believe we have any 5G in our area so the 4G signal method must have been changed.

Am I the only one to notice such a change?

This is the type of meter and I am reading the right side.  The left side level hasn’t changed much.

Never mind the useless face masks.  Start using silver bobbinet to protect from these far more insidious weapons, which are now to be found everywhere you go.