How Many Billion Could the Covid 19 Vaccine Kill or Damage?

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

`The search for new vaccines for old diseases is endless. Some plans are imaginative. Scientists have apparently developed a banana vaccine by creating genetically engineered banana plants. There are plans to develop bananas which `protect’ against hepatitis B, measles, yellow fever and poliomyelitis. Other scientists have developed a genetically engineered potato designed to be used as a vaccine against cholera. The active part of the potato remains active during the process of cooking and so a portion of genetically engineered chips could soon be a vaccine against cholera. There is a planned genetically engineered vaccine which will provide protection against 40 different diseases. The vaccine, which will contain the raw DNA of all those different diseases, will be given to newborn babies to provide them with protection for life.’

I wrote those words for my book `Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines are Safe and Effective is Lying’. And I wrote that paragraph in 2011.

Predictably, I was attacked with some vehemence by many people inside and outside the medical and nursing professions.

There was much shaking of heads and wagging of fingers and critics fell over themselves to condemn me for revelations which were regarded as more suitable for a science fiction novel than for a serious book about vaccination.

But lo and behold the covid-19 fraud has provided an excellent opportunity for scientists everywhere to start shouting publicly about their wonderful new plant based vaccines.

And food based vaccines are now on their way.

The absolutely excellent Christian Westbrook, whose website Ice Age Farmer is a better source of information about all aspects of food than anything on the mainstream media and in my opinion approximately a million times more honest and useful than anything ever broadcast on the BBC, recently produced a video detailing the latest news about vaccines in genetically modified tomatoes and other foods. The plan is, of course, to modify the DNA of the foodstuff so that as it grows it produces the appropriate vaccine. And since covid-19 is the fashionable disease of the moment, and the fraudulent reason for bringing Agenda 21 into your home and your life, then the vaccines are, of course, designed for covid-19. You won’t need a jab – you’ll just have to eat a specially grown and genetically modified tomato. Or whatever fruit or vegetable they choose for their vaccine. Tobacco plants are apparently excellent for growing vaccines. Incidentally, I’m not sure what would happen if you were, over a period of time, to eat 12, 24 or 36 vaccine contaminated tomatoes and I don’t think there is any point in trying to find out because I doubt if anyone else knows either.

Naturally, the pharmaceutical industry is constantly searching for more and more new vaccines and wherever they spot the beginnings of a market, a demand, they will do their best to serve up something appropriate. I have lost count of the number of times I have read of researchers working on a vaccine to prevent cancer.

Meanwhile, the drug companies continue with the old faithfuls; the profitable cash cows which keep the billions pouring in. Every year new flu jabs appear on the market.

I don’t know about you but I can no longer keep up with what is going on. I have long since abandoned trying to work out which vaccines are very dangerous and which are just a bit dangerous – and to whom. The only certainty is that manufacturing (and giving) vaccines is big business. The people who sell vaccines make a lot of money. And the doctors who give them (or who authorise nurses to give them on their behalf) make a lot of money too. That, by the way, is one of the reasons why doctors rarely if ever criticise vaccination programmes. (The other reason for keeping quiet is that doctors who do dare to speak out about vaccine hazards are likely to lose their licence to practice.)

Vaccination is a big, and very profitable, industry. Covid-19 is vaccine bonanza time for drug companies and doctors. At the latest count there were over 100 companies and other groups hurrying to be the first with a covid-19 vaccine – and the chance to sell seven billion doses once, twice or even four times a year. This is bonanza time for the vaccine companies and for the doctors who will give the vaccines.

I am not sure, by the way, just how keen doctors will be on vaccines in foods. As I have pointed out, doctors make a fortune out of giving vaccines. Will they be able to make money out of prescribing tomatoes? Quite possibly. I can hear it now. `Take one of these tomatoes once a day every three months.’

What happens, incidentally, to those people who are allergic to tomatoes? Or who just hate the damned things?

It will be easy to manufacture and sustain reasons for the vaccine to be needed.

The testing programme currently being used for covid 19 is woefully inaccurate. It is at best, less than 50% accurate and it produces a good many false positives. And even if there aren’t any real cases of covid 19 around the testing will, by producing false positives, sustain the myth that the disease is still around and still dangerous.

Indeed, if the authorities want to close down a town or even a single establishment – a pub where the landlord has been seen to be lax about enforcing the rules for example – all they have to do is increase the amount of testing. Even if no one has the disease there will, inevitably, be lots of positives. So then the new gestapo can close down the town or the pub or whatever.

Let me now tell you something about vaccine testing and the side effects. This is the scary truth that no one has mentioned. You will never hear this from any government hired doctor or scientist. But I promise you this is true.

Serious side effects may occur with drugs or vaccines after a considerable number of patients have taken the drug or had the vaccine.

So, for example, it may be that a vaccine only kills or seriously damages 1 in every 10,000 people. It may kill or seriously damage 1 in every 100,000. Or it may kill or seriously damage 1 in every 1,000. The numbers vary.

But the initial testing programme will probably never show up those dangerous side effects.

And here’s why.

Developing and testing a new vaccine usually takes 10-15 years and the whole development programme has been well established over decades. In the US the regulations for vaccine development were first created in 1902 – and were the forerunner of the National Institutes of Health. In the EU there is the European Medicines Agency. And of course the WHO has recommendations. All these rules are considered necessary because there have over the years been many vaccine calamities. Doctors and governments don’t like to mention how often things go disastrously wrong but I detailed some of the bad examples in the book I mentioned. It’s enough to say that governments around the world have secretly paid out billions of dollars to patients and relatives injured or killed by vaccines. Bill Gates has, of course, insisted that vaccine developers who produce a covid-19 vaccine will be immune from legal action. They could produce a vaccine that killed 50% of the world’s population and not have to pay a penny in damages.

The first stage in developing a vaccine usually lasts a few years and it involves experimenting with various possible antigens – that might trigger a response and provide protection against a disease.

Once a possible vaccine looks promising it is tested on animals.

I have, for over half a century, argued that animal experiments are pointless and misleading. Drug companies always ignore the results if a product is shown to cause cancer in animals for example. They dismiss such inconvenient results by arguing that animals are different to people so the results don’t matter.

The experiments on animals usually last a couple of years and many vaccines never get past this stage. Either the vaccine doesn’t work or it turns out to be remarkably lethal.

With covid-19 however, governments have allowed drug companies to skip the animal testing and go straight into testing on humans.

Once animal tests have been done, or in this case, not done, the next stage is to test out the vaccine on a fairly small group of people –usually no more than 100. Attempts will usually be made to give the infection to the people taking part in the test. If the vaccine does its job then some, at least, of the brave souls involved in the trial won’t get the disease.

If those tests are successful then Phase Three can start.

In Phase Three, the idea is to give the vaccine to more people – certainly several thousand. And the vaccine will be tested against a placebo.

And if all goes well then the manufacturer will apply for a licence and, no doubt, organise some sort of celebration.

Once a vaccine has been produced it will be regarded as suitable for mass use. Technically vaccine manufacturers may continue to test their vaccine for efficacy and safety if they would like to do so.

The idea is to see if lots of people who had the vaccine suddenly go blind or die a year after being vaccinated. And in an ideal world it would be nice to know if the vaccine interferes with other vaccines or prescription drugs or even with genetically modified foods. Who knows? When you start putting stuff into people’s bodies the sky is the limit as far as side effects are concerned. With a drug taken by mouth you can at least stop the drug if serious problems develop. That’s a bit more tricky with stuff that has been injected into the body with the idea of creating some sort of reaction.

But these long-term tests are voluntary.

So you can imagine how often they are done.

You can, however, see now why testing a vaccine usually takes a decade or more.

But with the vaccine for covid-19 the plan is to get the licence in months.

And in my view the vaccine will not be safe in that time period.

Despite the claims made by pro-vaxxers, which is to say just about every politician, doctor, journalist and buffoon in the world, vaccines are not entirely safe.

Doctors don’t have to report problems with vaccines and patients hardly ever do because they don’t usually realise the connection.

Even so around 30,000 adverse vaccine events are reported every year. And of those 3,000 to 4,500 are serious – which is to say they cause permanently disability or death. And that’s just in the United States.

There are three huge problems with the covid-19 vaccine.

First, there is the problem that it is possible that not enough volunteers will have been given the vaccine to test it for safety. And, remember, once the testing is over the vaccine will be approved for distribution.

Statistically, you have to test on a lot of patients if you are going to spot serious side effects. If a serious side effect occurs in 1 in every 10,000 patients – and I think that was a figure which Bill Gates mentioned – then you will really need to do tests on many more patients. One important text book on vaccines suggests that in order to detect a significant difference for a low frequency event a trial would have to include 60,000 subjects – half of them in a control group, receiving no vaccination.

So, it’s fair to say that the phase three testing for each of the 100 or so new vaccines will need to involve 60,000 people. That means finding six million people prepared to be guinea pigs for a new vaccine because you can’t test more than one vaccine on the same person. I can’t see them finding six million guinea pigs. So I suspect that the tests will involve fewer patients.

It’s no wonder that Gates had demanded the drug companies making the vaccines have no legal liability.

By the way, individual doctors and nurses can, of course, still be sued and damages will, I suspect, run into billions. Medical insurance companies will go bust and so will thousands of doctors and nurses. They might like to think about that.

A fatality risk of 1 in 1,000 for a drug that may save your life is very acceptable.

One in 1,000 is rotten odds for a drug or vaccine you don’t really need.

The second problem is that governments will be tempted to roll out the vaccine very quickly. They’ve been promoting the vaccine very hard and promising that once there is a vaccine we can all get back to normal. That was obviously a lie but that’s what they said so they’ll want to get on with things and they will doubtless give the vaccine to too many people too quickly.

And, remember, you need to observe patients for quite a while because some problems will only occur later, much later. It may be months or years before serious side effects are seen – especially if the vaccine is prepared using new techniques.

So, if a new vaccine is rolled out and given to nearly 7 billion patients in a matter of weeks the serious problems will only be seen after all the individuals have been vaccinated.

And if, say, 1 in 1,000 people die or are brain damaged then there will be 7 million people dead or brain damaged as a result of the vaccination programme.

Arch pro-vaxxer Bill Gates suggested that there might perhaps be problems with 1 in 10,000 people (and he doesn’t know whether it will be 1 in 10,000 or 1 in 1,000 or 1 in 100) then there will be 700,000 dead or seriously damaged people. That is 700,000 previously healthy individuals. And, under these exceptional circumstances, I believe that’s pretty much the best case scenario. And it is, of course, far more than the total number of people alleged to have been killed by covid-19 around the world.

The third problem is, of course, that serious problems might occur a long time after the vaccine has been given. Who is going to monitor all those patients? My guess would be no one.

Those are all usual, fairly standard problems with a vaccine which has taken 10-15 years to produce.

The covid-19 vaccine will probably be in use within months of being made. Indeed, companies are already making millions of doses of vaccines which have not yet finished their tests. The UK government has already bought well over 100 million doses of vaccine and a huge supply of needles and syringes.

So far it’s all sounding a little iffy.

And to all these risks must be added the fact that Gates’ doesn’t seem to have any entirely trouble free history as far as his various adventures are concerned. His genetic modification of mosquitoes didn’t go too well. And there is all that talk about his polio vaccine – which I discussed in previous videos.

There is also the fact that results of a test of one vaccine for covid-19 showed that many volunteers reported mild or moderate side effects. Over half experienced pain, 16% had fever, 28% had headache and 34% suffered from fatigue. Patients who had a higher dose of the vaccine suffered even worse with 57% having pain, 32% having fever, 29% having headaches and 42% having fatigue.

As one analysis reported the level of mild and moderate symptoms with this covid-19 vaccine is markedly higher than that associated with the covid-19 infection itself. How many people will be keen to have a vaccine when there is a good chance that they will suffer more than if they develop the disease? And, remember, a lot of people who develop the covid19 disease have few or no symptoms.

And there was another problem with the vaccine that I’ve just mentioned. Older patients didn’t develop very good levels of immune response. And, of course, the vast majority of those who died of covid-19 were over 80-years-old.

Still, it is perhaps reassuring for British citizens to know that Neil Ferguson is acting director of the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium at Imperial College. This consortium, by the way, is funded by, among others, GAVI, the vaccine alliance, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

But with covid-19 vaccine there is a fourth problem – the biggest problem of all.

Some manufacturers are using a brand new method of making vaccines called third generation vaccines. These contain DNA or RNA technology and are injected into the body and taken up by the cells to change the immune system. The technology is designed to turn your body’s cells into viral-protein making machines.

Instead of injecting a piece of a virus into the human recipient, synthesised genes are used. It’s gene therapy. Those having the vaccine will be genetically modified like a soya bean or one of Bill Gates’ mosquitoes. The artificial gene will be incorporated into your DNA and you will become a different person. For ever. Serious, possibly deadly side effects, might not appear for years or even generations.

No one knows how dangerous this vaccine could be because it’s new. Drug companies admit they don’t know what will happen or what could go wrong. It is a massive experiment.

Here’s what the WHO has to say:

`Many aspects of the immune response generated by DNA vaccines are not understood. However, this has not impeded significant progress towards the use of this type of vaccine in humans, and clinical trials have begun.’

That’s the World Health Organisation.

Governments and YouTube tell us we must listen to the WHO so I will repeat that:

`Many aspects of the immune response generated by DNA vaccines are not understood. However, this has not impeded significant progress towards the use of this type of vaccine in humans, and clinical trials have begun.’

Naturally, the drug companies making these vaccines know that they could be very harmful. Moderna, one of the drug companies involved, has admitted that there could be significant adverse events.

The fact is that if you have a DNA or RNA vaccine you will become a genetically modified human being. You will be an experiment.

The vaccine might prove to be absolutely lethal.

Can they guarantee that everyone who has it will not drop dead in eighteen months?

I don’t believe they can.

And what if they decide to give you a food with a vaccine inside it? The tomato or the potato or the banana or whatever that I mentioned at the start of this video and first wrote about in 2011.

How safe will that be?

I have no idea and I would welcome an honest and disinterested appraisal by experts not connected with the vaccine industry or with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Though to be honest I’m not entirely sure where they would find such experts.

And, of course, thanks to Bill Gates, the companies making this new covid-19 vaccine will have full legal immunity. If things go wrong they will not be legally liable.

Now if the disease for which the vaccine was being prepared was killing millions then the risk might be worth taking.

But it has been proved time and time again that covid-19 kills no more people than the flu. The lockdowns and other procedures have killed more people than the disease.

So, how deadly will the covid-19 vaccine turn out to be?

As far as the medical establishment is concerned you should remember that I am persona non grata. They and the mainstream media think I’m dangerous though despite many lies about me, they can’t point to anything I’ve got wrong. So they largely settle for abuse, lies and distortions.

I believe that everything I have told you is true.

I do not believe that the new covid-19 vaccine will have been properly tested. I do not believe a vaccine is necessary. I worry about what it might contain. I worry about the fact that those recommending vaccination will not debate with me. I worry about the past record of the major drug companies – take a look at my other videos. And I worry endlessly that they want to give the covid-19 vaccine to every living soul on earth.

And all that is before I start to worry about what might have been added to the vaccine, how much it may change my genetic make-up – and whether or not a vaccine might be designed to in some way change my conscious state or my personality.

Gates is pushing Moderna’s RNA vaccine although, or perhaps because, it seems possible genetic changes could be passed to future generations. And yet back in January 2020 the Geneva Statement, a group of the world’s leading ethicists and scientists, called for an end to experiments involving editing of the human genome. Dr Suhab Siddiqi, Moderna’s former Director of Chemistry allegedly told CNN that he would not allow the virus to be injected into his body.

Having looked at all the evidence I believe a DNA or RNA vaccine could alter my mind, my moods, my personality and my humanity. It could change the way I deal with and respond to the people around me. I would rather be dead.

How many people will the new covid 19 vaccine kill or seriously injure?

I have no idea. And nor does anyone else.

Bill Gates has no idea.

Dr Whitty has no idea.

Dr Fauci has no idea.

And UK Minister Matt Hancock, a keen pro-vaxxer, doesn’t know.

And none of them dares debate with me or, presumably, anyone else.

If I’m wrong why not debate with me, crush my arguments and make me look stupid?

Could it possibly be that they’re frightened to debate because they know I’m right?

Incidentally, as an aside, I don’t want to debate with anyone. I have no financial interest in these videos and I certainly don’t want to be a public figure. I’m an author, no more and no less, and I’d rather stay here in my comfy chair and look after my wife and the wildlife in our garden and write another book about Bilbury or Mrs Caldicot’s adventures. I’d much prefer it if someone else opposed to this vaccine took on the pro-vaxxers.

It may sound crazy but I would rather be dead than have one of these absurd, unnecessary vaccines for covid-19 that could alter my body, my mind and my soul. In my opinion that would be a fate worse than death. I will not accept the covid-19 vaccine.

I do not believe that those enthusiastically promoting the covid-19 vaccine understand what is involved. Those who do understand and who agree to have themselves vaccinated should, in my view, be certified insane.

But, nevertheless, everyone should be allowed to choose for themselves whether or not to accept the vaccine. I don’t believe in mandatory vaccination and I don’t believe in telling people not to have a vaccine.

I just believe in giving people the facts so that they can make up their own minds.

If governments try to make this vaccine mandatory or essential in any way, then those of us who don’t want to be vaccinated will have to fight in the courts and hope that the judges aren’t on the payroll of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We will have to fight on the grounds that the vaccination cannot possibly be proved to be safe or effective and that it is being used for a disease known to be no more deadly than the flu.

I think this video is vitally important. Please send it to as many people as you can. YouTube is taking down my videos almost as fast as we can put them up these days. The other day they took down my video entitled `Coronavirus: Will Social Distancing Be Permanent?’ which I recorded in the middle of May.

So, please, I beg you, share this video or ask people to read the transcript on my website. Print out the article and send a copy to your family doctor. If this video were not accurate I could not and would not say any of this.

There will be no complaints from drug companies or governments – but, one way or another, they will doubtless try to suppress what I have said.

Oh, and one final thought for this video: the American Government and Yale University are collaborating in a trial to determine the best words and phrases to use in order to persuade Americans to accept the covid-19 vaccine.

So watch out for more psychological warfare – everyone questioning or refusing vaccination will be demonised.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2020

Vernon Coleman’s book `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying’ is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.