One Response to “Care homes. Whistleblower statement – “They are committing Euthanasia””

  1. Tapestry says:

    Call it what it is. Murder. A friend of ours ran a lovely care home in a nearby town. It was a happy home and she cared. Then the ‘visits’ began. The first inspector wanted locks on all the doors, matching bed covers and curtains. She paid out and bought all the things specified. Then the next inspector came round. No locks now. And not matching bed covers and curtains. It went on in the same vein until she gave up. Her care home was taken over by a group of companies with an impersonal approach. She went round peoples’ homes helping look after ageing relatives after that. We could not work out why she was driven out of her business. Now we see the longer term agenda to murder old people. It all starts to make sense, not to mention that the share values of the care home businesses have soared.

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