Where Do We Draw the Line? At Wearing Masks or Taking Vaccines?

July 18, 2020

draw-the-line.jpg(courtesy, snippets & snappets)

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist 
to see that we are headed to 
a Chinese Communist-style 
social credit system based 
on receiving a COVID vaccination.  
We need to reject the mask now.
This is a test. If we accept masks, they’ll
know we will accept mandatory vaccines. 
We need to start organizations in every state and province to offer moral, legal and financial support to courageous people willing to say,  “the emperor has no clothes.”  This is for real folks. It’s happening and it won’t go away unless we act.
by Henry Makow PhD
A friend in Ottawa tells me that gas stations are fined if a customer drives up to the pump not wearing a mask. That’s right, both
the customer and the gas station receive a fine.
It’s time we stop this mask mania by defying the bullshit law en masse. 
The relief cheques and bailouts, the promise of recovery are all designed to stifle dissent. The bottom line is that this nonsense is the new normal and the sooner we resist it, the better.
“Eventually, what we’ll have to have is certificates of who’s a recovered person, who’s a vaccinated person, because you don’t want people moving around the world, where you have some countries that won’t have a control sadly.”
What kind of “certificates”?
What he actually has in mind may be revealed in a report of this past December that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was funding research at MIT in the development of a “Tattoo ID”, to be injected with vaccinations and available for anonymous detection. In time, the failure to have the appropriate identifying tattoo for any given year, and for any given virus officially declared dangerous, would most certainly be used to control individual freedom of movement. This should trigger every thinking person’s attention, particularly as it is reported that Gates refused to have his own children vaccinated.

Last week, the CDC Director, Robert Redfield, left, predicted a “double hit” this fall.
“I’d like to continue to work with you to get the American public to embrace the influenza vaccine so we can try to minimize the impact of influenza because I think those two respiratory pathogens hitting us at the same time do have the potential to stress our health system.”
In Gary Barnett’s opinion, “these are not simply prognostications, but are warnings of things already planned and known. What the CDC head is indicating with his comments is that he knows that the flu season coming will be much more devastating than normal and that all sickness and death will be blamed on a virus that has never been properly scientifically isolated, identified, or verified.
“That will matter not, as, after 8 months of mandated isolation and lockdowns, deadly oxygen-stealing mask-wearing, of vitamin deficiencies, lack of exercise, job loss, depression, and extreme stress, the entire population will be at great risk of becoming sick, and the evil controllers of this fraud that plotted this outcome from the beginning, will use the purposely created weakness of the masses to advance their agendas of control.
“This coming flu season will not be like last year when total deaths were close to normal, even with the introduction of a fraudulent virus.
“This next flu season will see not only the old and infirmed getting sick and dying, but people of all ages will be highly affected due to deliberately introduced lockdown measures implemented by the elite controllers.


Meanwhile in Africa, “Testing will soon begin in poverty-stricken parts of Africa for a biometric ID which will also be your payment system and vaccine record. The biometric digital identity platform that “evolves just as you evolve” is backed by none other than the Bill Gates-backed GAVI vaccine alliance, Mastercard, and the AI-powered “identity authentication” company, Trust Stamp.”
Am I the only one who watches pre-scamdemic movies with a sense of nostalgia?
We need to take a stand on mandatory masks. If we don’t, they’ll know they can impose mandatory vaccines.