Tiny banking cult dictates the terms of human life

Political parties controlled by the same tiny cult.

The Great Reset coming in 2021 as stated by Prince ‘Sustainable’ Charles at Davos at The World Economic Forum will reduce human freedoms to the bare minimum.  Carbon Taxes will be jacked up to the point that people fear to take the car on the road.  Agenda 2030 is coming on the back of the banking cult’s control of humanity.


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  1. Prometheus says:

    Living off the grid and avoiding the banker cartels.

    You might not have any choice if they get their way. Prep now or at least think now because one day your bank account will be there and the next day it will be gone.

    One day there will be the food shortages too and no electricity or internet. You fall short on the rent/mortgage because there are no jobs.


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