The globalist anti-police psyop

We should all be thanking police, not condemning them

As the lunatic Left devolves into an actual obedience cult run by violent warlords celebrated by snowflake libtard whites, the overriding narrative of the zombiefied progressives is that “black” lives matter, but cops and whites should all be hunted down and killed.

Of course, it’s all just part of the same globalist game of divide and conquer. They can never allow peace to prevail, since peace doesn’t hand more power to the globalists, so they stir up dissent and hatred as their tool of oppression for all.

As part of this divide-and-conquer narrative, they’ve declared war on cops. It’s all part of the chaos plan (see the podcast below) to collapse America’s cities into uncontrolled chaos and lawlessness.

Yet men and women in blue are the only thing standing between us and anarchy.

We would all do well to remember that cops are poorly paid, poorly equipped and yet put their lives at risk every day to try to keep the worst criminal elements of society under control. Now, on top of all that, they are unfairly condemned by society and violently attacked by protesters.

I know a lot of cops. I’ve trained with cops, both on the mat and at the range. And I’m here to tell you nearly all cops are good people. A few bad apples exist, yes, but the very idea that all cops should be condemned just because a few rogue cops are bad people is just as stupid as claiming that all black people are criminals just because some of them commit violent crimes.

Ever notice how the left-wing media says you should never condemn “an entire race” of people just because of the actions of a few individuals? Yet that’s exactly what they do when condemning cops: They blame every person who wear the uniform rather than limiting their blame to the very tiny minority of cops who break the rules or make a mistake.

That just tells you how intellectually dishonest and irrational the entire argument of the radical Left has actually become: They don’t believe in logic; only HATRED. They HATE cops and they hate white people. They seek to destroy that which they hate, and that’s the entire push behind the anti-police movement.

Listen to my podcast here. It’s vulgar. It’s provocative. It’s extremely graphic. After hearing this podcast, you will never look at police the same way again:

And here’s my explanation of the “chaos agenda” that’s being deliberately put in play to collapse America and defeat Trump: