It’s up to the American gun owner to save the nation


June 6 2020

White action or inaction TODAY will determine our future

Covid failed to destroy food supply lines as the communists wanted, – they got busted destroying it and could not follow through. They had a back up plot: Claim any store that is open had to be closed to prevent destruction by rioters, thus leaving Americans no where but them to go to for food. Target and Wal-Mart are already starting with this. At last update 200 stores were closed indefinitely. Obviously no one will blame them.

A secondary goal of the riots is to finish the job of destroying small business, so only large communist controlled corporations remain, with absolutely no competition.

The method: Any store that dares to open has heathens descend on it and loot it. Big corporations will survive this a lot better than small store owners. That said – There is a real rational reason to not blame Wal Mart, Krogers, or any other store for closing over this, right down to 7-11. Soros and other subverters will even take this all the way to farmers markets if needed to put the American people in a desperate situation. Then what? Same scenario as Covid “causing food supplies to collapse”. The same thing we all thought we avoided – a total collapse of the food supply forcing people to a central feed trough where they’ll either starve or be chipped. We are obviously up against a multi-step plan for our destruction.

If this fails, What next? An alien invasion? Take a look at this.

I don’t believe it, but they are going to use stuff like this. One of the scenes in the video is a drone show but they faked the ISS footage quite well. Rense had this stuck at the top of his site for days as a “highly credible” video. I’d say no. Obvious drone show says NO but the video is important because it is being pushed as real and is setting the stage for phase 3 “coronavirus”. There’s a chance the claimed ISS footage actually went out over the web like that, but anything can be put in place of the real footage. Drone show says NO.

How are they going to get away with the riots? By using a primary tool of destruction: WHITE GUILT.

White guilt is being used to cause whites to sit around and let everything be destroyed without resistance. It took decades of university brainwashing to lower the morale of the white race far enough to cause whites to permit this, all done for a very high price tag in the form of student loans. This has come to fruition as shown in this video of a black guy who got a white woman to kneel.

The black guy who did this video was not a bad guy, he did it as a social experiment to show how the white American intellect has been subverted in a substantial portion of the population. The original video was a lot longer and he tried this on multiple people, some refused to accept guilt, and all resisted to some extent except this one girl. And with this girl he documented a stunning truth about how whites can be guilted over nothing. To get that girl to behave like that she had to have been brainwashed to hate herself. This got trolled as being staged. The original video proved that was not the case, he was just checking random people to see what their responses would be to prove how screwed up “white guilt” is and this girl absolutely fell apart.

There are actually quite a few whites who buy the B.S. and the way the MSM and celebrities are talking – where ANYONE who has the guts to say “white lives matter” immediately has their career destroyed – only reinforces it. Anyone who does not hate the white race is immediately banished. What could be the reason for this? Obviously a communist takeover, and because whites resist communism better than any other group, whites HAVE TO be destroyed or the plot will fail. Already they have accomplished such an enormous takeover they can destroy whoever they want on a whim but they still face obstacles, primarily the white gun owner. If they can convince people like this girl to hate their own race, such people become the perfect snitches – a hole in the wheel of freedom.

It is not China. China is not the one paying the rioters. The rioters are being paid by Jonathan Soros via his front “Friends of Democracy”. China is not paying the rioter’s ways out of jail, Hollywood and other prominent American institutions are, including large corporations that are not Chinese. China is not making American politicians support the rioters, or causing prosecutors to release arsonists.

We, – from the “chinese accusations” going around, blaming them for what is obviously not theirs – ought to be able to plainly see the end game: war with China. They want Americans blaming Chinese for their burning homes and destroyed businesses and empty food pantry – they want Americans blaming Chinese for the destruction of American society – so Americans look away from who really did things and support a war with China, thus allowing Western based communists to expel Xi and put in their own system there.

China obviously has NOTHING to do with the riots when it is white people organizing the riots. It is well documented it is WHITE PEOPLE organizing the riots, only they probably won’t say they are white, their religion gives them claim to a different race . . . . . while they subvert, subvert, subvert – – –

The extent to which police forces are not taking action against rioters clearly shows the level of subversion in America by those that want America destroyed. And those paying the rioters way out of jail are among the subverters, don’t kid yourself into believing they actually think they have a social cause, they do not and they know they do not. It is all about subversion and destroying the United States and Western civilization.

Record and remember every single hollywood actor and every public figure that paid these people’s way out of jail. When they produce a product, remember – THEY HATE YOU, are you really wise to let their content influence you? Remember every city that had these people released from jail. Remember every city that never jailed them. These are the cities that are run by enemies of the American people, and they must be dealt with directly. They are such extreme enemies they want even their own communities destroyed, provided the destruction does not get into their gated area.

The American system is so subverted the perpetrators behind the riots are untouchable. Until ALL the big names both public and private are behind bars, the subversion remains in place. For as long as Fauci and Gates walk free after the corona scam, the subversion remains in place. For as long as Gretchen Whitmer or Lori Lightfoot walk free, the subversion remains in place. For as long as Soros and EVERYONE who organized antifa walk free, the subversion remains in place. Don’t kid yourself and rejoice when ONE gets burned, this has to go all the way down to the police forces, city councils and mayors of even smaller cities like Peoria Illinois. Every damn last one that sold out and laughed while America burned has to be called to account and jailed or we are going nowhere from here.

It is up to YOU to enforce the law when the government becomes your enemy and allows you to be raped

It is not even news that an enormous pile of cities have told their police to stand down so the rioters can loot and destroy whatever they want. That means protecting your city is up to you. AND YOU MUST TAKE ACTION.


If you see them looting a Wal Mart, pull up and start shooting or your food is going to be gone. Bullets skyward to scare them off but if they attack, blow their guts out. It is not a game anymore. Serious damage that actually threatens the entire nation is being done, and if the police resist having you shut the riot down, they are rioters, deal with them equally. Today is the day the vigilante is going to have to become law enforcement. There’s no way out of it – there is simply no other choice when city councils, leadership, and police forces seek to destroy the city and wipe their inhabitants out by inviting these people.

How bad does the subversion have to be to get the police to stand down and the city leadership to invite the rioters, like what happened in Sterling Heights, where city leaders actually asked for riots to be held there after expelling the national guard and telling the police not to act? so bad it amounts to the alien invasion in Independence day, where all that is wanted is for you to be eliminated. So bad the city council equals the TET in Oblivion.

When it gets that bad, if people don’t take the law into their own hands they will be TOAST, and with such a large amount of the American populace being armed, accepting that would be inexcusable. The people of Sterling Heights had damn well better take action, it’s showtime Saturday at (approximately) 4 PM at the Golden Circle, right in the center of the shopping district. Hopefully this post will stop it entirely, or at least force the “visitors” to be peaceful and even if nothing bad happens, it was wanted – the residents of Sterling Heights and many other cities had damn well better expel their governments.

It is up to the American gun owner to save the nation

The Communists seriously screwed up. All along they have wanted guns banned, and they just showed us what the second amendment is for. They just showed us that we really could lose law enforcement and have governments be complicit in destroying us, thus leaving our guns as the only ultimate answer. We are there. We have seen it. The conspiracy is not theory anymore.

Remember this day forever. While promising us security, the FBI and greater American intelligence plus the government at the federal, state, and local levels were complicit in the opposite. Where was the “department of homeland security” through all of this? Why do they even exist? Rather than provide any safety at all, ALL OF THESE instead flagged “white supremacists” as the threat. You know. YOU. THEY FLAGGED YOU. Just for saying your life matters. Just for wanting to defend your family, your home, your business. –

The promise of providing security at the expense of freedom has been totally and completely violated. We have been shown BEYOND DOUBT that only one thing was desired by them – our freedom while “security” was an empty promise. It is time to kick ass and get back to before 911. It is time for the cops to stop being a-holes who only serve the state. It is time to fire every damn one that has had Israeli training. It is time to expel every last leader that SCREWED US with both Coronavirus and these riots. We know who they are now, the curtain has been lifted. It is time to declare we are not terrorists and don’t deserve to be treated as such with every encounter with law enforcement. It is time to take America back. And if they continue with this riot psy op, or project blue beam, or an alien invasion, or even a war, we cannot back off on TAKING AMERICA BACK.