Sudden sprouting of hopeful stories about Trump in alternative media

Mike Adams of Natural News went full-on panic mode at the beginning of the COVID plannedemic, and I stopped running his posts these last two months.  He’s gone softer now as case numbers fall, and he seems upset having his site and his video channel Brighteon  being curtailed by Facebook.

His political coverage is not his strongest suit in my opinion, and so I am very cautious in running this post mentioning him.  It could  just be yet more click bait by the master merchandiser.  It might be true that Trump sees the COVID plannedemic as targeting his Presidency as much as anything else.  Did he try to stop the fake plannedemic but was overwhelmed by the strength of the media in combination with the global medical cartel.  If he can see Fauci exposed, that would indeed help the world to understand what is going on, if that is why Trump is keeping him in place.  Whether Adams has a genuine story or not, he is at last getting it that the planneddemic is a vast scam.  It seems a likely taale.  The way to expose Fauci as a fraud is to sack him.

Interestingly Ole Dammegard has a hopeful story about Trump too over on – about Trump taking control of the Fed.  This too seems a highly unlikely take on  recent events which  also offers hope about Trump.  The original propagator of this likely tale is the theatrical Michael Tellinger, who seems more like an actor than a conspiracy theorist – another David Icke genius type who interests you, gives you some titbits but takes you nowhere – a bit like Ole himself.

The commentator who possibly has it right is Chris Everard of who tells us we live in a virtual prison as in The Prisoner TV series.  We walk around in apparent freedom with everything around us being false and controlled by unseen hands.  All these highly dubious stories about Trump coming at once puts these supposed giants of conspiracy revelation like Tellinger, Dammegard and Adams into another light.  The central control of the matrix is clearly worried that suicides are shooting up during the lockdown – up six times according to some reports (we know of two cases locally) – and the people in desperation are starting to disbelieve in the virtual prison placed around them.  They need to hand out some chunks of hope to keep the mob in its place hoping that everything will be alright in the end as in their favourite movies.  In fact the hope stories are all bogus.  Trump is sold out, and is simply a psychological operation of another type…the hope figure that keeps the mob in its place while the cull is put into operation.

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Highly-placed sources close to the Trump administration have given us a download on important information. Mostly notably, Trump is NOT surrendering to Big Pharma and the vaccine industry. He’s actually fighting them and has made great strides toward exposing the crimes of Fauci and the W.H.O.

I’ve posted a critical video update and article about Trump, Big Pharma, the vaccine industry and what I’ve now learned about Trump’s ongoing battle with Big Pharma and the deep state swamp.

See this important article and video here.

Also today: Facebook is trying to intimidate us to force us to censor the “Plandemic” documentary and delete all copies off Brighteon. We have refused to comply with Zuckerborg’s insane demands.

We are doubling down on free speech to protect our shared right to think, speak and watch whatever we want.

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Mike Adams

BREAKING: Confirmation that President Trump is NOT controlled by Big Pharma and is completely opposed to coercive vaccine mandates

Image: BREAKING: Confirmation that President Trump is NOT controlled by Big Pharma and is completely opposed to coercive vaccine mandates

(Natural News) Today we bring you an important update and correction. I had previously voiced concerns about Trump promoting Big Pharma and the coronavirus, fearing that the White House had been taken over by the “death science” con man Dr. Fauci and other Big Pharma operatives.

I can confidently tell you today that my fears were unfounded. President Trump has not given in to Big Pharma and the vaccine industry, and he actually pushed Fauci onto the stage in order to attract intense public scrutiny that has now exposed the Fauci fraud for what it really is.

At the same time, Trump has taken other actions that are courageous and compelling:

  • He has publicly mentioned he’s taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc, being the first and only public official who has dared to mention a nutritional supplement as a preventive measure against the coronavirus.
  • He has de-funded the communist-run W.H.O. and halted all future funding unless that corrupt organization undergoes radical reforms.
  • He has affirmed that the coronavirus vaccine will NOT be mandatory but only given by choice to “those who want it.”
  • He has stated that a vaccine might never be available and that America will reopen “with or without a vaccine,” hinting that he does not make the reopening predicated on a vaccine.
  • He has demanded that churches be allowed to reopen as “critical” infrastructure, all across America. In many states, Walmart, abortion centers and bars were allowed to open while churches were ordered to stay closed.
  • Finally, just yesterday, he stated that even if there’s a second wave of infections, he will not place America under a second lockdown. Instead, it looks like he will hint at other strategies that can prevent infections, hospitalizations and deaths (perhaps zinc? Vitamin D? Wearing masks in shared places?)

In summary, although my fears were grounded in honestly observed actions involving Trump, his “vaccine czar” and Dr. Fauci’s influence at the White House, I have now learned from reliable sources that Trump is fully aware of the risks of vaccines, the dangers of the Big Pharma drug cartels and the need to respect health freedom across America.

This is a tremendous relief because Trump is our last hope to fight against the vaccine deep state and the evil “death science” establishment. Sadly, he’s surrounded by evil and corruption in Washington D.C., and he’s made some mistakes, especially in picking the wrong people who turned out to be traitors (Jeff Sessions, anyone?). But from what I’ve learned, Trump is still fighting for humanity, and he hasn’t gone over to the dark side as many of us had feared.

I’ve offered more details on these revelations in this heartfelt video, below.

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