We need to keep the pressure up

Even when the country is on lockdown, we are still preparing and strengthening our case!

English Democrats start legal process to challenge the “Grooming Gang Report” COVER-UP by the Government!

As you know, last year in response to demands nationally and in Parliament for a proper in depth enquiry into the Pakistani Muslim Child Rape Gangs, the so called “Grooming Gangs”, the former Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, promised to have a proper enquiry and to publish the results.

Although the enquiry completed its work in December 2019, the Home Office has refused to publish its findings, despite calls from victims and from victim support bodies to publish, claiming that it would not be in the “Public Interest” to do so.  This seems to be based on the old line that investigating these “Grooming Gangs” properly would harm “Community Cohesion”.

This IS an official cover up and we will not Stand for It, Our Children deserve better and WE demand JUSTICE!

This is such a blatant and obvious cover up to placate the MUSLIM community that it insults one’s intelligence to view it in any other light. Therefore, I have commenced with the first stages in the legal process to challenge the Government’s decision to ‘bury’ the report and to have it made public as was intended and as is necessary!  Here is the procedural legal first shot in this battle. See Below:


So, now we begin the fight for justice and truth that tens of thousands of English girls deserve.

Henry, as you know, the whole country are up in arms over the outrageous way this report has been hidden from the public. The ‘Rights’ of the Muslim gang rapists and the feelings of the wider Islamic community have been deemed more important than our young English girls pain and suffering at the hands of these sex monsters!

Sadly, no number of demos, irate YouTube videos or shouting can achieve the justice the victims deserve or the transparency we the tax paying citizens DEMAND. No, only by dragging the Government kicking and screaming into court will work and that is what we shall do!

Predictably nobody else is prepared to take the Government to task as the costs are considerable and few in legal circles will touch, but I WILL and AM DOING SO RIGHT NOW!

However, I need YOUR assistance urgently to help fund this process. I can do much of the preparatory work but it will require expert legal advise and representation at a high level and the reality is, THAT COSTS MONEY. So I and OUR girls need YOU to lend your support and to chip in whatever you can afford.

Henry, you know this cause is just and what has happened is a public scandal but unless you play your part there is little anyone can do. Sadly JUSTICE CAN PROVE VERY EXPENSIVE in our legal system with such cases so will you chip in?

Will you lend your support to this most worthy cause or will you turn your back on the tens of thousands of English victims and will you allow this Government to treat YOU like a mushroom?

The game is afoot, the trumpet calls us to battle Henry, I need to know: ARE YOU WITH ME?

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats