The next phase of ‘head flu’ is coming onto your cellphone.

I call it head flu as it’s all based on panic and fear.  Once you are afraid you believe everything you are told, and any ability to analyse is lost.  That is no doubt why they called it ‘Corona’  –  since revised to the more obscure COVID.  Corona means ‘head’ in Latin – the part they want to get control of you – by using fear. When they launched the first wave on March 11th, the stops were pulled out.  I stood alongside my working colleagues convinced it was all a fake, and a scam, which it is, but there was nothing I could do to persuade them.  Fear had been inserted into their heads.  There was no law saying we had to close, but close is what they all wanted.  I managed to persuade them to keep the business going on a skeleton staff.

The fear is gradually lessening as they don’t see their own friends and relatives dying as they expected they would be doing.  To reboost the psyop, the Bill Gates team needs to rekindle the fear, and this they are good and ready to do.  But this time the fear will be communicated differently.  People have stopped watching the news and have turned off their TVs and radios.  But Bill Gates is good and ready for that.  He’ll be coming in via a device which people will find far harder to turn off – if not impossible – their cellphones.

Your movements are tracked on your phone, as you probably realise.  How else do they know how to select advertising that comes into your data world?  Yours are tracked and so are those of everyone else.  Through social distancing they can keep all our phones separated by two metres and the tracking can be done more effectively.   It is possible they can increase the signal strength using 5G to target people if they stand two metres apart.

That aside, they can work out who you’ve stood next to, whether knowingly or unknowingly, and as they test people with these useless tests which give false results all the time, they can use this to scare you.  Imagine a text coming in – ‘You have been in close proximity with a carrier of COVID-19 and must be tested.  Your appointment is 4pm this afternoon at such and such testing centre.’  This could be genuine in that you were near someone who has tested positive, or equally if they need numbers, it could be fake news, targeting you.

Your test, assuming you attend, could be a false positive.  It very likely would be as the Gates lot pay big money for a positive diagnosis.  You are now on the pathway.  The fear has driven you in and you will do whatever you are told.  At this point you would have benefited had you read some of Jon Rappoport’s analysis of the so-called Pandemic, lots here on Tap News or his site   And you could have seen that many deaths are ridiculously being called Coronavirus/COVID.  Treatments are inappropriate with use of ventilators, anti-viral drugs and there is evidence that some people were not even ill but are disappearing from sight.  Visit and find the relevant videos and recordings.

The best way to avoid this scenario is not to carry your phone around.  Leave it at home.  Leave it in the car.  Don’t take it into work.  Get rid of it completely.  It is now a weapon of your deadliest enemies sitting in your pocket or bag.  That is, if you care about your life, and those you love.  Once your enemy has made you afraid, he is winning.  Your job is to push back the fear to the point that you can think and act.  If you can’t achieve that, then your life is in danger from ‘head flu’.  They need numbers to keep this thing going.  Don’t become one.  Fear is alright to the point that it motivates you to research, to think and to act.  But fear that makes you surrender your being to the Gates/WHO assault is no different to asking to be sent to a concentration camp for a few friendly tests by Dr Mengele.

Nurses will tell you all who are dying are at end of life anyway.  The vast majority of the diagnosed are recovering although this is not being reported in the UK for the obvious reason that it would lessen fear.  Bar the more sinister outcomes where an individual is targeted and lost, as mentioned above, there is little or no threat to someone who is healthy and has an immune system as we all do.   Corona is ‘head flu’ created by the media, coming soon direct to your cellphone.  Be ready.  They need numbers.

London – Man reported dead, found an hour later still alive and healthy, then disappears