Blame Boris is next. Britain needs him.

Something tells me that all is not well with our current government.  Boris survived whatever it was that nearly killed him (See below), but his opponents like Hunt and Gove have huge support in the media, and there is clearly now some kind of plan to get rid of him politically even if they so far have failed to do so in the sense of rubbing him out in the traditional sense of the phrase.  Boris the Brexiteer and Loxiteer, is anathema to the globalists.  They used him to win a large majority and secure the House Of Commons, but the Satanists in the Conservative Party with the backing of the world’s media are now moving to complete the coup d’etat they started by sending Boris to St Thomas’ in a critical condition two weeks ago.

Boris’ cabinet is mostly Boris loyal but they must be aware that a weakening of the globalist dictatorship which has the world in its grip after launching this fake epidemic and political murder campaign, will not be tolerated.  The use of inappropriate medical responses like ventilators and anti-viral drugs, locking the population inside in a stressed state, combined with occasional drops of cyanide have started a vicious campaign.  The campaign is now in full swing.  Medical staff are being targeted as surely as patients.  See earlier Boris posts.  The people still believe they are being assailed by a virus.  In fact it is a massive deception and psyop.  Deaths are being acquired through wrong medical interventions (See below), the targeted use of poisons, as well as by means of ridiculous diagnoses.  They need a distraction to stop people from waking up.  The next one looks like being Blame Boris.

Will the attempt to remove or sideline Boris work?  Boris is immensely popular.  He has been very ill.  People are more likely to feel sympathy for him than to trust Gove or Hunt.  If people understood the threat being placed onto Boris by this pack of wolves, they would rally to his support.  Boris is our best hope, and not the reason we are struggling through a fake crisis accompanied by unexplained deaths.  Boris is for life and recovery.  Support him against the wolves.  He’s our only option, even if the probable use of cyanide has left him in a weakened state.    The forces of goodness enabled him to survive for a reason.  We need a leader, not another Gove knife in the back.  The Boris bashers should be stopped.