New Site – Bugs and Features

I thought it best to use this page to collect comments reporting bugs or requesting features for the new site.

Update – At the moment I am working on making the site friendly for all devices:  computer, tablet and mobiles.

This will introduce a new sidebar including some “essential reading”. (Thanks Adam.)


TAP – I’m making use of the new format produced by Mike to post complete articles from other websites.

On blogger I would pick out the choice parts of a story and post only those bits, and then leave a link for people to follow through and read the original posts.

Are people finding the full posts easy to read and interesting, or would people prefer me to cut out a choice paragraph or two, and highlight those only, as I did before, on blogger?

It will take a while for people to know what they think, and  let me know what that is.

Until the mobile/tablet site is functioning, we’re not receiving visits from all of our former readers yet, and they will also have opinions to express.

I imagine that after three months or so, we’ll have more information about how readers are finding the blog.  First on our list is to get the mobile version working.

Stats and analysis of readers’ visits will come lower down in the list of priorities.



14 Responses to “New Site – Bugs and Features”

  1. Tapestry says:

    READ THESE POSTS could just be another Page, a bit like READ THESE BOOKS


  2. Mike says:

    I have just now fixed a couple of bugs that were affecting redirects from the old site.

    I am now logging failed redirects and will look to fix any remaining failures.


  3. Gillian says:

    Hi Mike,

    You’ve made a really great job of Tap’s new site.

    I do have a small request or suggestion for you.

    When I click on a story, it would be nice to have the facility to be able to jump straight to comments. Having read a blog thoroughly on the first visit, I really don’t need to trawl all the way through it again to reach the comments section.

    Maybe that’s something you may be able to sort out when you have the time. Pretty please 🙂

  4. steve says:

    Please get a responsive theme I can send you a good magazine type theme if you would like it, this is currently terrible to read on a mobile can’t see any content as you probably know

  5. Tapestry says:

    Mike? It’s 10.30 pm in UK, so you’re no doubt fast asleep at 5.30 am.
    We are aware of our mobile problem. It’s proving impossible to make a mobile version of what we’ve got so we’re having to start from scratch making a mobile website which can then be adapted to PC size.

  6. Nollidge says:

    TAP: Darker print would be a great help.With normal page size,it comes over to me as a light grey & I have to enlarge the page (which makes it thicker & darker) to be able to read it.(Note;the normal print size is OK,but is much too light in colour).
    Also,the “reply” function eventually degenerates to a “reply to” comment having just one word per line!.
    As I’ve said elsewhere,it’s as bad as ZeroHedge.

  7. Steve says:

    Yessss, this website works from my mobile. Great to see the site again HC.

  8. danceaway says:

    The RSS feed has stopped coming to my email – nothing since 10. 02; so am missing a lot. Nothing happening from ticking the box below, either.

  9. Olive Farmer says:

    How do I send in stuff you may wish to publish on The Tap?

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