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Me ‘Tap’, pictured in Spring 2014 on land adjacent to the proposed gas drilling site in Dudleston in North Shropshire.  Thanks to The Oswestry Advertizer for placing the picture online.  We luckily defeated the attempt to frack us, with the farmer’s contract expiring, and he refused to renew.  Fracking’s just one ongoing theme of the blog.

The Tap Blog was founded by me in 2006 on Blogger.   It moved to WordPress in 2014 and became  At that moment I released control and ownership of the blog to others – a number of different people, admin, writers and advisers unknown even to me, based who knows where.  It is no longer just my blog,  and is now very much our blog.  Come and join us.   There’s a big job to do.  The world is under threat due to the ignorance of its human inhabitants.  We need to build a complete picture of the the threats we face and defeat them.  To do that we need knowledge.  As our motto says, knowledge starts here.




5 Responses to “Blogger CV.”

  1. caroline says:

    Hi, I will send you twenty pounds, many thanks x

  2. covenant woman says:

    Out of interest Tap, how many views does your site get? Hard to tell from the comments. I sometimes tweet posts but it would be interesting to know how many hits you get.


    • Tapestry says:

      On a good day 20,000 but we’ve lost 40% of our readers by cutting off the mobile version. On a lesser day 13,000-15,000. I guess we’d do 20,000 a day of we had the mobile and tablet versions up and running.

  3. covenant woman says:

    That’s really helpful. Thanks. How many people do you think look at the comments as a percentage? We love you much.

  4. Tapestry says:

    since I wrote that piece last year, things have moved on. contributors now post direct onto the blog, and my role has greatly reduced to a few minutes a day. I’ve decided to dedicate my time to my family and my business.

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