Why do dogs lick their balls?

Why does the WHO demand $10 billion a year just for One Health?

Because they can.  (Answer to question in title is the same)

Like I told James Corbett, keeping this “One Health” fantasy alive ain’t cheap! Look at all the organizations that need to be paid off to keep the scam going. But we are investing in humanity’s future! says the World Bank.

From the World Bank in 2022 (claiming that One Health can prevent pandemics but never explaining how that that might get accomplished):

There is a strong economic case for One Health: the cost of prevention is moderate compared to the cost of managing and responding to pandemics. The World Bank’s global estimate of prevention costs guided by One Health principles ranges from $10.3 billion to $11.5 billion per year, compared to the cost of managing pandemics which, according to the recent estimate by the G20 Joint Finance and Health Taskforce, amounts to about $30.1 billion per year. There has never been a better time to adopt One Health as an investment in humanity’s future. The World Bank will continue to engage client governments, multilateral organizations, and other stakeholders to embed a One Health approach around the world.

Most of the following institutions have special One Health programs or departments:

Africa One Health University Network (AFROHUN, formerly OHCEA)

Auburn University One Health

Berry College Center for One Health

Cambridge University One Health Society (CUOHS)

Canada’s Global One Health Network (Global1HN)

Center for Animal and Human Health in Appalachia (CAHA), Lincoln Memorial University

Center for Applied One Health Research and Policy (OHRP), Hong Kong

Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases, U Iowa

Center for Emerging, Zoonotic and Arthropod-borne Pathogens (CEZAP), Virginia Tech U

Center for International Health, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (CIH-LMU) One Health-TARGET Project

Centre for One Health Education, Advocacy, Research and Training (COHEART)

Center for One Health Education, Research and Development (COHERD), Indian Institute of Public Health

Center for One Health Illinois, U Illinois, Urbana

Center for One Health, Fontbonne U

Center for One Health Research (COHR-Alaska), University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Center for One Health Research (COHR-Viginia Tech U)

Center for One Health Research (COHR-Washington), University of Washington

Center for One Health Research, Virginia-Maryland CVM and the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

Chinese Consortium for One Health (CCOH)

Chinese One Health Center for Tropical Disease Research

City University Hong Kong Center for Applied One Health Research and Policy Advice

and we are still in the “C”s. And here are just a few of the One Health nonprofits:

Your tax dollars pay for this utter fake/scam/trojan horse/emperor’s new clothes. Tell your government: Not one dime more!

Why does the WHO demand $10 billion a year just for One Health? (substack.com)

Autism day: shall we celebrate the carnage? Would 20 million dollars be enough for you?

1 in 24 babies have ASD. In 2004, CDC proved that vaccines cause autism but keep pushing them. Why? Let’s turn it into VaxAutism Awareness Day!

Autism: censored pandemic

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/autism/data.html

Autism is practically non-existent in unvaccinated populations such as the Amish.

If we apply the 2018-2020 trend to 2024, the ratio is 1:24. Even worse in boys: possibly 1:20. Compare with 1:20,000 in the 50s. 1000x more!

The CDC stopped counting for a reason: the panic might give votes to candidates like Bobby Kennedy Jr. to force the CDC to finally publish the real cause of autism.

Trying to cover the sun with a finger?

18 Dec 2007. Globalists tried to hide the autism tsunami by normalizing it with UN’s April 2nd World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD).

Previously, masons have tried the same by founding, funding, infiltrating or co-opting societies of parents of autistic children, censoring the vax-injury evidence, causing the younger siblings to also get brain-injured, because the trusting parents kept injecting them with poison:

  • Association for Science in Autism Treatment damaging “Over 11,000 visitors visiting our site every month from over 175 countries. In addition, we offer specific resources for journalists, medical providers, and parents of newly diagnosed children and maintain an active and engaging Facebook page with almost 8,000 fans.”
  • The Autism Community in Action (TACA), formerly Talk About Curing Autism (changed names to also censor the cures).
  • Autism.org.uk
  • AmbitiousAboutAutism.org.uk

Coordinating the symphony of whores dancing to the the god of corrupt money involves the:

  • CDC
  • NIH
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
  • ION (Institute of Neurodiversity) joining “1 million neurominority people and allies from 100 countries”.
  • GAIN (Group for Autism, Insurance, Investment and Neurodiversity).

One way to spot them is because they use the narrative jargon: “neurodiverse” (instead of brain-injured), “equitable healthcare”, “health equity”, “Vaccine Education Initiative”, vaccine “access”, etc.

If you know other mercenary societies please write in the comment section at bottom.

Note: the same people pushing the COVID S-protein injectable bomb to children is not a coincidence.

Regressive Autism is VaxAutism

Autism is a word that hides a variety of neuro-developmental problems. Regressive autism is defined by loss of acquired developmental functions. This never happens in genetic autism, which gradually unfolds from day 0.

For example, after the vaccine causing fever, brain inflammation or seizures, the child loses the acquired ability to speak, to keep eye contact, to understand instructions, to control body movementsto smile, etc. while starting to show certain patterns associated with autism, like obsession for a certain color, repetitive movements, etc.

Regressive autism develops soon after vaccination, never before, which proves that vaccination is the cause. Otherwise, there would be regressive autism prior to vaccination: not a single case in the whole history of the world!

Genetic diseases are correlated to population numbers. Considering the declining total fertility rate and the exponential growth of autism, there’s scientific consensus that it can only be explained by environmental factors.

The medical system is so corrupted and co-opted under severe threats, that no medical authority dares to even hint the hypothesis that vaccines might trigger or cause autism (just as with the 2021/2 excess deaths after COVID injections).

Vax seizures = brain injury

Vax brain-damage causes seizures, which could be triggered by other factors such as a high fever.

The Maguire tragedy

2016. UK. Luke Maguire and Louise McKever, after a bad reaction to the first dose of Glaxo’s Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine (given to babies at 2, 4 and 12 months), and after being threatened of removing their child if they didn’t comply with the second dose, they witnessed that it caused Bobby to have daily fits. To prevent other parents, they shared this video on Facebook:

After reaching 3 million views, the video was censored by YouTube and Facebook.

After a set-up, social workers kidnapped Bobby at gunpoint intended to silence his devastated father and to vax Bobby even more: in one of the 2-allowed visits per week they noticed a bruise in the arm and weren’t allowed to film it.

Muzzled? Their GoFundMe campaign is not even listed anymore and it’s not a URL mistake. The Maguire Facebook account is gone.

The Pharma mafia message to all parents in the world is clear: you mess with vaccines, we mess with our kids.     CPS has become an extortion machine. In too many countries, the legal system and Child Protective Services have been weaponized against both children and parents, human sacrifices for the vaccine golden calf.    It's not a coincidence that modern society has replaced God with other gods, like the vaccine god. There's are no shades of grey, either we worship God or we worship demons through sin.

In 2014, Bexsero had been turned down by the UK expert panel, only to include it in the vaccine schedule in 2015. The package leaflet includes “seizures”. It was approved in 35 countries. By 2015 the accelerated approval of the FDA didn’t allow it for children under 10 years-old. By 2018, FDA lowered the limit to 2-year-olds. It is still given to newborns in the UK.

There are many treatments to prevent and cure meningitis (including immunoglobulins), what vested interests are behind media pushing injuring injections as the only option?

Possibly, Bobby has turned autistic.

Infuriating! Makes the blood boil ? Makes you mad or sad?

Turn the emotion into motion!

Let’s share the censored video file with this tragic story:

6 Mb https://odysee.com/@nazar:d/seizures:1d

12 Mb https://odysee.com/@nazar:d/seizures12:9

Instructions: below the video, click the 3 dots to your right “. . .” and then click download.

More seizure videos

Short videos of real babies are the best way to start a dialogue with a vax-maniac:

Thousands of parents upload seizure videos:





“Colics”, “reflux”, “startle reflex”, twitches, jerking, cramped synchronized general movements, fits, convulsions, neonatal seizuressubtle seizures, febrile seizures, absence seizures, tonic-clonic seizure, Dravet syndrome, rare form of epileptic fitearly infantile epileptic encephalopathy, and infantile spasms are so common nowadays, that they even created an awareness week for the latter:

There are even seizure-alert trained dogs.

Of course, InfantileSpasms.org will never point to the the vaccines!

VaxAutism: settled science

It’s settled science that vaccines may trigger or cause autism:

CDC study

2004. CDC research team proved MMR vax caused autism but the team leader ordered them to destroy the evidence and redesign the protocol to “prove” there was no link:


Sp subs: https://gloria.tv/post/2X4GE3N3aLS1Cz4EMweAeW3Zm

Dr. Brian Hooker reconstructed the original study with the help of one of the CDC team whistleblower, but was retracted without any explanation by the journal due to the pressure from Government and bribes from Big Pharma:

Hooker, B.S. Measles-mumps-rubella vaccination timing and autism among young african american boys: a reanalysis of CDC data. Transl Neurodegener 3, 16 (2014). https://doi.org/10.1186/2047-9158-3-16

Vaccine court: 20 million dollars compensation

Hannah Poling, vax-injured

2007. The vaccine court recognized that the MMR caused autism to a healthy child, and compensated the parents with 20 million dollars, with the excuse of a pre-existing mitochondrial disorder.

The real story: https://www.ageofautism.com/2008/03/dr-jon-poling-o/comments/

What the news reported: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/family-to-receive-15m-plus-in-first-ever-vaccine-autism-court-award/

Censored by CBS: 9 other vax-autism compensated caseshttps://web.archive.org/web/20131016130408/http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/03/06/eveningnews/main3915703.shtml

Studies comparing vax-unvax

Vaxxed v. Unvaxxed

Vaxxed v. Unvaxxed

Weaponization of injectables Vaccines have been weaponized. They may include: 1940s: neurotoxins like aluminum, mercury, MSG. 1960s: carcinogenic SV40 monkey virus, immune-system-destroyer SIV monkey virus (forerunner of HIV) 1990s: hCG to infertilize women

Steve Kirsch’s newsletter
If vaccines don’t cause autism, then how do you explain all this evidence?
Executive summary Here’s my favorite short list of evidence that can’t be explained if vaccines don’t cause autism. Does anyone think I’m wrong and can explain the list? Note that I only claim that vaccines are THE major cause, not the sole cause. There are other things that contribute. But if we could change only one thing, eliminating use of all vaccine…
Read more

DNA-tainted genotoxic injections

2013. Dr. Theresa Deisher proved that, when antiviral vaccines, made from cell lines of aborted or live-dissected babies, were introduced in 14 different countries at 14 different times, there were 14 different change-points in the autism rate, making it grow exponentially, and that they had dangerous human DNA, in excess of 2000% of the 10 ng FDA limit:

Abortion vaccines causing brain damage (Autism, Asperger, ticks) and cancer (lymphomas, leukemia), yet nothing been done in a decade to replace them:

Congress hearing:




4/4 YouTube censored this Congressional hearing!:

but is here: https://altcensored.com/watch?v=cO3BNFz4sY8

More proofs about vaccines and autism:



Deisher T., Doan N. et al., Impact of environmental factors on the prevalence of autistic disorder after 1979, Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, Vol.6(9), pp. 271-286 , September 2014 https://doi.org/10.5897/JPHE2014.0649

Deisher TA, Doan NV. Sociological Environmental Causes are Insufficient to Explain Autism Changepoints of Incidence. Issues Law Med. 2015 Spring;30(1):25-46. PMID: 26103707 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26103707/

Deisher TA, Doan NV, Koyama K, Bwabye S. Epidemiologic and Molecular Relationship Between Vaccine Manufacture and Autism Spectrum Disorder Prevalence. Issues Law Med. 2015 Spring;30(1):47-70. PMID: 26103708 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26103708/

Jarzyna P, Doan NV, Deisher TA. Insertional mutagenesis and autoimmunity induced disease caused by human fetal and retroviral residual toxins in vaccines. Issues Law Med. 2016 Fall;31(2):221-234. PMID: 29108182 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29108182/

The excess DNA could be related to the DNA deliberately inserted in COVID injections to hack the cell nucleus and start producing injuring unidentified proteins, including sequences of carcinogenic SV40 monkey virus, as recognized by Health Canada and found by several independent researchers.

This author sent emails to 2000 journalists and mainstream media about this: none wanted to cover this. Media was already in full control of masons back in 2013… 2001, considering the lack of coverage of the 911 psy-op:

9/11: 2 planes, 3 towers.

9/11: 2 planes, 3 towers.

With your help, this article will be completed with your tips in comments and new findings. If you are religious, please pray for the victims, especially those disabled, and their families and for the repentance and conversion of our enemies. Before reading this article, please answer:

Scientific literature

Over 200 studies not only prove that vaccines cause autism, but also the potential mechanisms:


Summary: https://expose-news.com/2023/08/07/vaccines-the-most-common-trigger-for-autism


In sum, vaccines cause brain damage: for the majority, this is not perceivable but for a minority, especially for children with prior problems (like being pre-term) or for certain races, or for those receiving multiple vaccines at once without long breastfeeding and/or waiting until a stronger immune system (at least 3 or 6 years old, ideally never):

Analogy: imagine that vaccines reduce the IQ by 10%, then if your child has 130, nobody would ever notice since 120 is still above average, but if your child has 90, then 80 shows a learning disability.

Why do they want to have more disabled children?

The main reason is to reduce the population:

Depopulation or extermination?

Depopulation or extermination?

This research took 113 hours (including late night work), that will save you that amount of reading and organizing ideas. If you like it, please consider a paid subscription: or please consider “buy me a coffee” (one dollar makes a difference):

There might be another reason for deliberately handicapping the population. Hitler won the ideological war: just as the Nazis, they are social-darwinists who believe in eugenics and the right to survive of the fittest over the weakest.

Therefore, they probably see vaccines as poison which would maim or kill the weak and leave the strongest, artificially adding evolutionary pressure to select the fittest (to survive injectable poisons) and making humans more resilient (“if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger”).

Yet, those hypocrites wouldn’t commit vax-suicide: they avoid or simulate vaccination or take placebo batches, while perceiving a benefit from having children with the surviving gene-pool.

Under Fauci, the autoimmune and chronic diseases which Congress specifically charged NIAID to investigate and prevent, went from 12.8% in 1984 to 54%, without any result from NIAID, despite the hundreds of billions spent. It’s on purpose!

Those satanists count on the disabled not reproducing much and dying younger, and that financial strain will reduce the parent’s ability to support a larger family.

Why not murdering them in the first place with the childhood shots? SIDS prove they try, yet, if vaccines were instantly lethal people would dump them immediately.

Those satanists want the highest rate of severe damage, together with the lowest rate of awareness, and the longest fuse in order to be able to invoke plausible deniability.

For example, howbad.info proved that only 5% of the batches COVID injectable bio-bombs were lethal and previously labelled as such.

The reason to prioritize the disabled for COVID lethal injections in so many countries was that they wanted to murder them as soon as possible.

All vaccines have been weaponized to cull the population. There is zero government quality control as proven by the DNA, SV40 sequence and graphene oxide in COVID vaccines.

The best cure is prevention: to prevent autism, never inject your child with anything. Not even vitamin K, which could be given orally.

Once the harm is done, many treatments are showing amazing results in certain cases. It is strongly recommended to join Telegram groups of parents guided by physicians. If you had a successful case or know a trustworthy treatment or group, please write below.

This article took 56 hours that will save you that amount of research, that is very hard to find (the sources have been heavily hidden).

Please share this Big Fat Redpill, to save the children!

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