NATO plans to enter Ukraine by 2025

Romania and France to enter north of Moldova, then UK alongside Poland and maybe Baltic States forces entering Ukraine from North.  US to resupply arms to Ukraine if Trump wins US election.

England involved in a war of no interest or concern to us.  NATO advanced on Russia since Berlin Wall came down until Russia has to fight back.  The potential for destruction is far greater than any advantage.

Along with NATO, we are signed into UN bringing vast numbers of immigrants into our country, WEF destroying our farmers and industries.  The quickest way to get free of the destruction of our country is for England to exit the UK which has broken all the terms of the Act Of Union, and is no longer a legitimate country.  The Teds are the only party backing England’s Independence.  All others make noises of resistance but will not get anywhere and not in time.  If we all back England’s independence, and push for a referendum, we might stand a chance.


2 Responses to “NATO plans to enter Ukraine by 2025”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    They clearly want a wider war. But will they get their wish? I doubt it, all Russia has to do is sit tight and continue to grind down whoever shows up at the new border. I suspect that the border will move to the Dnipro river at some point. Thus presenting a formidable barrier to Nato

    Continuing the terrorism on Russia won’t hack it either. That will just confirm that Russia and the rest are occupying the moral high ground. It wont’ change the facts on the ground in the coming Ukie failed State

    All Nato’s “high tech” weapons have proved useless so far when operated by the brave Ukie soldiers. So why would they suddenly work just because they are operated by Nato’s woke army?

    The Ukie army has balls, there is surely no doubt about that. But will the feminized, woke, pussycat, gayboy/girl Nato army show the same fight? I very much doubt it

    Maybe the globalist overlords will instruct the Russians to prolong the agony. But, as things stand then, it is surely just wishful thinking from the wests “strategists” to think they can “win” this conflict

    Perhaps they don’t want to win but just keep their corrupt theft from western national government treasuries rolling on and on

    Or am I missing something?

  2. Tapestry says:

    All sides are controlled by a higher cabal – depopulating and destroying countries, making huge fortunes, driving economies into depression. It’s no different. England can get out of it all at a price, but as the NATO war threat is merely one of many others, WEF, WHO and UN migration, we need to get going and lapse all UK illegal treaties.