Hamas is Israeli creation

Here’s more proof of the war:  go to www.mileswmathis.com/isra.pdf to view the pictures described
Because, you know, you can’t fake a smoke plume by burning a pile of wood or something. Or with
CGI. Mossad doesn’t have that tech.
Here’s more proof of the war:
A woman with a baby fleeing a burning pile of leaves. With cops. Wow, I’m convinced. I can hardly
witness the carnage. I hope this came with a triggering warning. Here’s more proof of the war:
Yeah, that looks totally real. Totally not pasted together. And what horrible damage from a missile! It
destroyed two entire windows! I like the guy sitting there in the other window, hoping he can catch the
next one in his teeth.
Here’s more proof, from a search on “bodies paraded through streets”.
But wait. Are those bodies being paraded through streets, or just some soldiers practicing war games.
Don’t matter, publish it!

Then we are shown video of some guys in a truck firing weapons. Yeah, so. Are the rounds live or
blanks? We don’t know, but since this is Israel, Hollywood east, I assume this is the usual Jewish

But we knew this was theater without even studying the pictures, since we already know Hamas is
fake. Just like the PLO and all the other Arab organizations, it is a front for the Israeli army and was
created by Mossad just for times like this. As I say, Jews in turbans.
For more proof of that, I send you back to my 2021 article by my writer-on-the-ground in Tel Aviv,
Josh, who quotes mainstream Jewish sources admitting Hamas was created and funded by the Israeli
Defense. He reminds us of the alleged founder of Hamas, Sheik Yassin:

You have to laugh. A dead ringer for Jewish actor Christopher Lee. And remember what Gore Vidal
taught us: Lee=Levi.
Still don’t believe me? Well try this: an article just out at the New York Post, admitting that Hamas is
represented by New York attorney
Stanley Cohen. My readers will get a big kick out of that name, and
not just for the Cohen.
[December 10: Still don’t believe me? The New York Times now admits it. The title there is “How
Israel Secretly Propped up Hamas”. Any questions? They try to spin it, but you can’t spin such a thing.
Also see this, where we find more top Jewish officials, including generals, admitting they created
Hamas.] [Added later: Remember, they tell you that Hamas is an acronym in Arabic for Islamic Resistance
Movement, but that is just a poor cover story. Israeli Intelligence actually borrowed the word from
Hebrew, where it is spelled Ha-ma’as. We have already seen that in previous papers: see my paper on
Laci Peterson, where I reminded you that the famous Zionist activist Israel Eldad Scheib, d. 1996,
published several periodicals, including Sulam and Ha-ma’as. Wikipedia has scrubbed the second one
off its page on him since I pointed that out in my Laci paper in 2021. It is also hard to find a translation
of Ha-ma’as on a websearch, since the engines have mainly been scrubbed, for obvious reasons. But
you may be amused to know that they forgot to scrub Copilot, which is Bing’s answer to ChatGPT. I
just asked Copilot what it meant “in Hebrew”, and he told me that it is from Genesis 1.1, where it refers
to the creation of Heaven and Earth.

But then I asked him what Hamas meant, and after telling me
about the Palestinian organization he seemed to get wind of me. When I asked him again what Ha
ma’as meant, he told me it was Arabic for “zeal” or “bravery”. And when I asked again what Ha-ma’as
meant “in Hebrew”, I got a different answer.

He seemed to forget that answer about Genesis, and now
tells me Hamas is Hebrew for “violence” or “wrong action”. But he doesn’t deny it is a Hebrew word.
At any rate, I find it very suspicious Copilot gives me different answers to the same question just
minutes apart.]

Here’s more horrific images from the Israel War


go to www.mileswmathis.com to see his listing