Gary Fraughen Glastonbury Videos

We now have the videos available from the recent Alternative View Presents event in Glastonbury. A great day was had by all with lots of good chat and networking taking place in the breaks. Guest speaker Arthur Piotrowski delivered a very interesting presentation on Rife technology and its applications plus his opinion on AI and DNA manipulation. All videos can be viewed on the Alternative View website.

The Alternative View Presents Gary Fraughen

Arthur Piotrowski – Rife and the Law of Frequencies

Subjects covered include: The 5 elements, money, promissory notes and the occult, AC and DC current, Tesla, cities as circuit boards, cathedrals, Schumann resonators, fingerprints and DNA, graphene oxide, medical interventions, the war on men, third strand DNA, red shift, blue shift and much more.

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