Garland and Laith discuss recent events in the Middle East and the potential fall out.

This discussion between Garland Nixon and Laith Barouf complements the article posted by Pete.

It is wide ranging and fearless, in contrast, IMO,  to The Duran’s coverage of events, for it is refreshingly clear of constant references to “the Biden Whitehouse”, the NYT, WaPo, Politico, etc. Yes, there is a lot of opinion, but Laith is observing from his location in Lebanon, and mentions that he hopes to visit Yemen before long.

Interesting information from Laif about the Israeli bombing of the Iranian consulate . This complements the posting today by Vanessa Beeley in Damascus about this event ( Vanessa will also be reporting on this tomorrow on at 1 pm London time and available afterwards on demand.


One Response to “Garland and Laith discuss recent events in the Middle East and the potential fall out.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thanks danceaway that is an informative video and Laith Marouf is a well informed guy. Some random observations from his comments, there is far more in the vid

    “We are seeing the end of the domination of the globe by the west through naval power”

    Golan Heights is currently under severe attack from Iran, Lebanon and Syria. Yemen also hitting Israel with cheap drones and powerful rockets. Israel is in a multi front confrontation that they cannot control

    Israel is losing on multiple fronts. Israel’s savagery makes it impossible for it to continue as a viable State in future. Everyone is against them now, including plenty of Empire citizens. Israeli’s are starting to leave because they realise this

    In 1979 a local family faction, who had previously been governors of Eastern Saudi Arabia on behalf of the Empire, occupied the holy mosque in Mecca. The Saudis asked Britain and France to intervene. They promptly sent paratroopers who landed on the mosque and then slaughtered the peaceful occupiers inside the holy mosque itself!

    It seems that he Empire is collapsing, and we are now in the end game, or certainly very close to it. It could still take a long time and be very destructive. Let’s hope the rest continue to stay civilised and manage the downfall of the Empire lunatics in a rational and effective way