Who is The Deep State?

The video below exposes that the CIA and FBI have become so powerful due to their intelligence gathering abilities and total lawlessness that they freely operate out side the law and get away with it because both the congress and even the president are afraid of them.

The CIA does what they want when they want with no judicial over sight.  They are so corrupt that they tell congress what their budget is going to be and congress is afraid not to give it to them.

What is not addressed is that the FBI only acts when they get orders from a judge – which means the judges are engaged in treason but they are so powerful with the FBI as their attack dogs that congress is afraid to remove them when they commit treason and order the FBI to do illegal acts.

The Deep State is Real, Here’s Why it Matters


31 minutes


Congress has forbidden the CIA to operate in the states – yet they do it anyway.  For instance, it has been uncovered that they were very involved in setting up the J6 situation.

While the FBI has authority over federal citizens in the states, it is forbidden to bother those people that are only citizens of their state within the states.  It has ignored that from day one.

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