What really happened on 911

“by Miles Mathis
First published March 3, 2024

Alex Jones is hitting this again, so I will, too. My readers often ask me about this, even after all this
time. They know a lot of the conspiracies, but they still aren’t sure what it was really all about. They
want me to do my usual job on it, boiling it down to the basics. So here I am.

The first thing we notice with Alex Jones’ coverage today is that he is still selling the planes hitting the
towers. He is rerunning his analysis from twenty years ago, but not making any corrections to it, that I
could see. In the very first moments of his building 7 analysis, he says “we all know the jets hit the two
main towers, we all agree on that”. Big record scratch. Uh, no we don’t Alex. Plus his language here
is a red flag. Any time someone says, “we all agree on that”, you should pause, because you are
probably being yanked. That is propaganda language.

Anyway, we will get to the planes, but let’s start at the beginning. Why was any of this done in the first
place? You have to understand that to understand any of the facts of that day. It all started with a call
from the owners of the building* to someone high up in government. The buildings no longer met fire
and environmental codes, due to asbestos being sprayed heavily back in the early 70s, and to update the
buildings would cost more than they were worth. Plus, occupancy was down and the buildings were
white elephants in other ways. They needed to be demolished, but how do you legally demolish two
buildings of that size in lower Manhattan, buildings built to withstand hurricanes? Not only would the
costs to do it meeting environmental regulations be enormous, the logistics would be a nightmare. You
would have to evacuate all of lower Manhattan, perhaps the whole island, and depending on which way
the wind was blowing, you would have to evacuate large parts of Long Island or New Jersey as well.
All life and business in the area would be brought to a standstill for weeks, maybe months.**
So they were in real pickle. Demolishing the buildings legally and safely simply wasn’t feasible, but it
had to be done somehow. So they came up with this plan to do it illegally, creating a cover story for it.
It was decided to evacuate only the buildings themselves, but let the rest of the city fend for itself.
Even emergency services couldn’t be warned, for the most part, since that would give the game away.
Which is why most firefighters didn’t know this was a planned demolition.

They didn’t use nukes, since there are no nukes, and they didn’t use DEWs either. They used tons of
advanced explosives, probably of the thermite/thermate category, and spent many months setting them.
But due to the size of the buildings, they didn’t have any way to guarantee an implosion into its
footprint, as they do with smaller buildings, so they let that requirement fly as well. The engineers
were instructed to just bring it down as fast as possible, letting debris fly where it would. Which is why
we saw an explosion, not an implosion. They were already doing this all illegally, so it didn’t really
make any sense to limit it to safest or cleanest method. Just do it in the quickest, most violent fashion
possible; and knowing these people, probably the cheapest as well.

As for the cover story, they went with the old terrorist thing again. These people aren’t highly creative,
and they had been using the terrorist story to cover things for decades. Due to years of previous
blackwashing, Arabs were considered by Americans to be the scariest people, so the fake terrorists
were said to be Arabs. They needed something capable of bringing down the buildings, so it was down
to missiles or planes. Planes would make a better story, because you could then hire some people
(think Naudet brothers) to make some fake films of planes flying into the towers. Then all you have to
do is plant some people on the ground saying they saw planes and you are done. You get your puppets
in the media to repeat your stories and call it a wrap.

Except that there never were any planes. No plane was found in Shanksville, no plane was found at the
Pentagon, and all the films in NYC were later proved to be fakes, with CGI planes and explosions
pasted in. Using serial numbers, the planes involved were later tracked by researchers. They made
secret emergency landings at other airports, Cleveland being one of them, if I remember correctly, and
were simply warehoused until their numbers could be re-assigned and repainted. I don’t know if that
research is still up on the web, but I studied it years ago and found it completely convincing. It was
much easier to believe than the mainstream story.

Remember, many people called nix on the planes story early on, including some prominent rich people
like Lear of Lear jets. He pointed out the obvious: planes can’t fly at those speeds only a few hundred
feet off the ground. The atmosphere is too thick and planes aren’t built to those tolerances. Their
wings would break off. They can only reach cruising speeds above 500mph at altitude, where the
atmosphere is much thinner. And of course aluminum planes don’t fly through buildings, or even
punch holes in steel frames. The idea that their wings would carve out those wide airplane shapes—
slicing through steel beams—is ridiculous on the face of it. So we knew from the start that either
missiles were used, with planes being pasted over them in CGI, and plane shapes pre-designed by set
charges; or. . . it was all CGI, with the holes, debris, explosions, and smoke all being CGI and only
CGI. The more researchers studied it, the more likely they were to end up at that final and correct
conclusion. Dozens of films were faked and the fakers actually spent a lot of time and money on this
part of the hoax. They knew it was key to the whole thing, and they were right. Most people didn’t
understand what could be done with film fakery in 2001, and most still don’t understand 23 years later.
They could already do almost everything then, and now they can do everything.

Which means none of those people died. I have already hit this in a previous paper, called “The 911
Passengers”. They simply faked their deaths. Some were already dead, some were old people about to
die who wanted to cash their insurance policies early for accidental death, and others were CIA agents
who just changed their names or went further under cover. They admit all the flights were seriously
under-booked, being in total at only 33% occupancy. I haven’t studied all the names of those allegedly
killed on the ground, but we know some of them faked their deaths. I simply assume most of them did.
Of the nearly 3000 said to be killed, I would guess less than a hundred actually did, and those were the
unlucky who dodged evacuation or otherwise got caught in the event, including firefighters and other
emergency response. Tens of thousands of others later got sick from all the toxins released, so that
wasn’t faked. Those who ran the event considered it collateral damage.

Once this basic plan about Arab terrorists and planes was written down and published among the top
dogs, some of them jumped in and suggested the event be used to start new wars. This is the PNAC
angle, the cover of which has been blown for a long time. This false flag, or one very like it, had been
on the drawing table for years, and the Pentagon was itching to use it to start new highly profitable
fake wars, where billions of dollars of weaponry could be deployed. Once used it would have to be
replaced, leading to trillions in new defense contracts. Same thing we are seeing now in Ukraine and
other places.

And a third leg of this hoax was waiting to be built as well: the Department of Homeland Security.
Cheney and Rumsfeld’s baby, by which they and their pals could get into the Intel business, drinking
freely from the treasury like CIA and all the other three-letter agencies. As a tack-on to that was the
rise of the security state, where these same bozos that terrorized us with fake events turned around and
sold us security from them, in the form of airport body scanners and other pretend mitigation. That too
has become a trillion-dollar business, not only in regard to airport and event security, but in a general
rise in “mitigation”. Mitigation from climate change, mitigation from disease in the form of vaccines
and other drugs, mitigation from cyber-attacks, mitigation from nuclear war in the form of bunkers and
other bunkum, mitigation from the future in the form of prepping. In a similar way, these fake events
are a bonanza for the psychiatric profession, which has to be paid billions in mitigating neuroses,
psychoses, and general dread. They are a bonanza for the medical profession in general, as well as the
hospitals they populate, who have to be paid billions to diagnose and treat millions of real and phantom
complaints from patients suffering from this general dread of everything. Fear has turned out to be the
most profitable thing ever invented.

But let’s get back to the specifics of 911. What about building 7? You probably know it was pulled,
since the owner Larry Silverstein admitted it on tape, but why? It doesn’t seem necessary to the story,
does it? Well, it was another tack-on by the PNAC people, since all of them were involved in major
fraud and some of them were in some fear of being prosecuted for it. Not just the fraud of 911, but
bank and securities fraud, racketeering, money laundering, the whole laundry list of fraud going back
many decades. The kind of fraud that partially came out a few years later with LIBOR. Well, as it
turns out, not only was building 7 the command center for the 911 event, it was also the physical site of
millions of pages of government records. Someone probably suggested they move all those documents
into the twin towers before they were exploded, but his cousin next to him no doubt said, “Why bother?
That’s just more unnecessary work and expense. Building 7 is also a white elephant, not up to code, so
let’s just take it out with the other two. That way we don’t have to move anything. Insurance is paying
for all of this anyway, so just add that to the bill.” And so that was done.

What about Osama bin Laden? Just a scarecrow. A dead one. He was already dead by 2001, which is
why the Saudis let us use him for this vaudeville. He was a member of the “royal family” over there,
which is just another name for “our stooges”, and he wasn’t even well liked by them. He had been a
CIA asset for decades, working for us in Afghanistan in the fake war over there against Russia. Again,
as with Ukraine now. His family found working for the CIA so overtly to be beneath their dignity,
which is why they didn’t like him. They preferred to be a US front covertly, pretending Saudi Arabia
was independent, when it never had been. It was created by us and is still referred to by our Intel as
Theatrical East—along with the rest of that area. So like the rest of this, the movie Zero Dark Thirty is
complete fiction. It is probably worth reminding you that Alex Jones has heavily sold the Saudi angle
of 911 since the beginning. But that is all just the usual misdirection, since the Saudis had nothing to
do with it. Neither did Mossad, although the Arab blackwashing in the event thrilled them. We were
and are completely capable of faking our own events with no help from Saudi Arabia, Israel, China, or
Russia. With an Intel budget that is off the books but probably larger than the entire defense budget,
that should go without saying.

By the way, Larry Silverstein, who had bought the Twin Towers at a discount just seven weeks before
911 and was paid $4.55 billion by insurers for their destruction, is still alive, age 92. So he could still
be brought to justice. He will meet his maker soon enough, and have to account for everything down to
the last farthing, but that doesn’t mean we should leave him be. Because this concerned fraud, there is
no statute of limitations on it, and his heirs should not continue to profit from his crimes. Mentioning
insurance should remind us there was insurance fraud involved here, possibly the greatest since the
Titanic. We can be sure that low-level dupes were made to pay the claims here, with larger members
of the pool swimming, as usual. See my paper on the Titanic for how that works, concentrating on
what I tell you about Lloyds of London there. These defrauded insurers or their heirs are also still
alive, and they would be well advised to re-open class-action lawsuits, hiring the best investigators to
pursue the insurance fraud angle. All the people involved in this hoax and their heirs are still liable,
and that would include of course. . . Dick and Liz Cheney. It would include Bush, Obama, Clinton,
Rice, Powell, Giuliani, Bill Kristol, John Kerry, and hundreds of others in government. It would
include the heads of all media, who pushed this while knowing it was a fake.

And bilked insurers aren’t the only ones who could be suing these people class-action. Every citizen in
the US could be suing these people for civil rights violations, fraud, extortion, illegal taxation,
emotional distress, and punitive damages. This monumental crime should have crashed the government
and bankrupted all these old families years ago, before we hit another excuse for that: the vaccine
genocide. You can now sue class-action a whole new set of people (cousins of the first set) for the
same causes. If you don’t get up off your asses and do something now, lawsuits or otherwise, you can
expect another monumental crime—probably even worse—to hit you next. It won’t be a real nuclear
war, but it may be a fake one, which will cause nearly as much emotional distress. ”


Source: http://mileswmathis.com/911again.pdf

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