Voting is Participating in Organised Crime.

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4 Responses to “Voting is Participating in Organised Crime.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    What a really excellent article from Gemma, thanks Ian

    Is it any different here in uk? Of course it isn’t, if anything it is far worse. Here in uk we have to contend with the City of London on top of a totally corrupt Parliament of lying globalist scumbags

    Lots of the covid rat MP’s are standing down this time aren’t they. Not so many Labour goons, mainly Tories. The Labour lot know that their turn is coming soon enough. It won’t be pretty either, leftists are totalitarian by instinct. They are certain that they know what is best for us all. So they won’t hesitate to impose draconian measures

    Johnson and co were pussycats in comparison, their instinct was more libertarian and we had a more relaxed covid regime than most of Europe as a result. I do NOT consent! I will NOT comply!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Having said that if we wait for everyone to wake up then we will be waiting for ever won’t we

      “The beast system cannot be reformed because it is run by beasts. Walk away from it and watch it collapse. That is what they fear most. Only then will we experience true freedom, morality, health and wealth in our nation. Trying to do business with criminals and psychopaths is a losers’ game.”

      Waiting for the system to collapse is not a viable strategy I fear. The fat controllers have been at this for millennia and have been incredibly successful in their terms

      And there are some decent folk trying to change things from within the system. Hopefully the Teds, although they need to sharpen up big style based on my recent direct interactions

      I also know a local councillor and my MP, and they are both anti woke globalism, both understand our fundamental problems as a society, and that there is an unseen global power issuing instructions to its apparatchiks in all countries

      My MP was particularly good about covid. I was an extreme anti-totalitarian , anti-globalist, anti-covid bollocks advocate. I expressed myself clearly to my MP and he concurred. He put his money where his mouth is too. So not everyone is corrupted and those that aren’t deserve our support in any practical way that we can. Who else will help us?

    • ian says:

      I agree Pete. I however think that given the scum behind all this lot have much previous, and the ability to get laws changed willy nilly, they can control the whole show. During the Bolshevik revolution, antisemitism was punished by the death penalty. The controllers will be very safe away from possible retribution. The goons who’ll carry out any enforcements of new laws like those being implemented in Washington,
      will be only too happy to be given more authority. TV will demonise rebels as terrorists, too stupid to see that this is the only way. It aint gonna be easy to say shove it. When you can’t buy anything or even get into the shops through the new barriers.

  2. Belyi says:

    Actually it was the fake Trump who promoted the vax. The real one is being kept safe in Cheyenne Mountain.