Then they came for the politicians

At last they’ve realised (MPs) that they too are on the list of world government sacrificial victims.  The woke state of the UK legal system – from police to lawyers to judges.  Diversity is our strength, said Blair and then Cameron.  AntiHate speech laws to stifle dissent.  They now wallow in their own wokeness.  Their first call (Sunak) is the Far Right -meaning 95% of the population.  Appeasing minorities and removing Christianity from the country’s institutions is the aim.  And the suppression of the ordinary people.  Label of Far Right Racist attached to anyone who resists.  But now the good MPs will be driven out.  Starmer will legislate to consolidate the destruction of Parliament.  No seed for security.  Politicians hoist by their own petard.  The fear is the ballot box can no longer protect us.  Jeff Taylor.