The UN bankrolling US Migrant crisis.

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A few weeks ago, our team flew down to Panama in order to cover what’s happening at the Darien Gap (to expose the UN’s involvement in the migrant crisis – how the UN is bankrolling migrants to make their way up through Central and South America, and enter the U.S.).


While we were reporting on the migrants, the New York Times had someone following us around from place to place, photographing us, and ultimately, they published a story — about how “right wing influencers descended on the Darien Gap in order to chase clicks”.


However, this example is only the tip of the iceberg—because, looking beneath the surface, the level to which The New York Times promotes communism, and seemingly acquiesces to communist regimes is nothing short of breathtaking.


Let’s go through it together.

The New York Times’ Dirty Communist Secret

Recently, our team visited Panama to report on the Darien Gap, aiming to uncover the UN’s role in the migrant crisis and its financial support for migrants heading to the U.S. Amidst this significant story, The NY Times chose to focus on us, documenting our team’s every move rather than the migrant situation, and later framing us as “right-wing influencers” seeking attention. This starkly contrasts the deeper, critical issues we aimed to expose, highlighting a clear divergence in journalistic priorities between The Epoch Times and The New York Times. Beyond this incident lies a broader discussion on The New York Times’ approach to communism and its compliance with communist regimes, a topic we’re eager to explore further.

While we are seeing a global war on farmers, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations are pushing people to eat bugs as a solution to reduce climate change, world hunger, and save the planet. Why are world leaders and even celebrities suddenly pushing edible bugs? Should the government control our food? What would a world be like without farmers?
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One Response to “The UN bankrolling US Migrant crisis.”

  1. Belyi says:

    It would be poetic justice if the climate pests, who believe their own nonsense, decide to eat bugs to save the world from catastrophe.