The Secret Privatization of The NHS

Dr Bob Gill has campaigned for a decade against the privatization of the NHS, and bringing the wider public’s attention to the secret government sell-off of a once great institution.

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Watch Dr Bob Gill’s film here:



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5 Responses to “The Secret Privatization of The NHS”

  1. ian says:

    Just watched it N’. It’s a great post, thanks.

    • newensign says:

      Thanks Ian, but its pretty grime viewing, but there are alternatives which are being set up, such as PHA (Peoples Health Alliance)

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    It is far too advanced to stop. The creeping hidden privatisation started under Bliar and co. Even my doctors surgery is a corporation now

    Modern doctors are beneath contempt. They ain’t stupid they KNOW what happened in their scamdemic and their terrible part in it too. How many stood up to be counted at that time?

    My son in law met a heart doctor recently at a social event. He asked her why she had so many more patients now, and why so many young athletes are dying. Quack said “footballers and athletes are pushed more nowadays”. The lying bitch, she knows for sure

    She also knows that most doctors involved with the jabs broke their doctors oath “First do no harm”. What a despicable bunch, put their fat pay packets ahead of doing the right thing

    • newensign says:

      Yes Pete, the NHS has become a monster and as such will shed no tears over its demise. We have to get back to local treatment by local doctors. There are already alternative private facilities and practitioners treating people at reasonable cost. I am not talking about private hospitals which are mainly the NHS in disguise! There is also the PHA – public health alliance.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        Yes it’s a monster and needs radical reform, probably dismemberment and a reset. Which it is unlikely to get any time soon

        Visit any NHS hospital with your eyes open and you will soon see the massive inefficiency, and the massive waste. It’s breath taking watching the lack of action of so many overweight employees, sitting there doing nothing much. It is obviously perfectly normal for them, and nobody anywhere seems to do anything about it

        Yes, we need local treatment by local doctors. And local managers who have a vested interest in success and a mandate to act. The centralisation needs to be kept to an absolute minimum, essential stuff only. Let the locals decide and make them accountable for results

        Want cosmetic surgery? Then pay for it yourself. Why should the rest of us cough up to make you feel better about how you look?

        The NHS employs 1.5 million employees. I reckon this could be cut back by at least a quarter if modern management methods were used, including effective performance reviews. Deliver results, or else you will soon be on your bike pal. No more sitting round drinking tea doing nothing