The Hidden Empire Tartaria (Updated)

Thanks to Dan, in the USA, a better quality of Video has been found, to that posted a few weeks ago.

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In an epoch-making revelation, Russian President Vladimir Putin takes the world by storm, inaugurating a new archive and casting light on the shadowy history of the once colossal empire, Tartaria.

A ghost from the past re-emerges, beckoning us to re-examine our understanding of world history.

The cold January day of 15th, was forever etched into the annals of history. Russian President Vladimir Putin, an enigma in his own right, inaugurated a new archive, a treasure trove revealing a hidden realm of history. A silent guardian of the nation’s rich past, this repository would make Tartaria maps public. The question teetering on the edge of everyone’s lips: Why is this significant?



One Response to “The Hidden Empire Tartaria (Updated)”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    This is a fascinating video newensign

    The starforts and mudfloods show us that something very big is missing from our official histories. The extent of the neoclassical architecture too

    But I still see nothing here about Putin’s “archive”. That is not shown anywhere in this vid, which I have now watched twice, first time in the original frustratingly small screen format. This version is better but it is still missing any source links or attributions. Lots assertions here but no evidence whatsoever, other than old photos many of which are unattributed