The Freemasonic War Comes Home: Baltimore Bridge Down

Was Baltimore Bridge payback for recent events elsewhere?

Did a foreign power deliberately drop the bridge using a container ship?

Is there a message that the ubiquitous containers were used and can be used anywhere?

Was this a warning to Washington DC, which is only just down the road from Baltimore?

If we can hit Baltimore then, we can easily hit you….

“This will probably be my last post about this heavily portentous, tragic event, but there is no doubt that the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge over the Patapsco River in Baltimore was a deliberate act.

None of us were on the inside of the operation, but certain things do stand out.

  1. Francis Scott Key, the Maryland native after whom the bridge is named, composed the Star Spangled Banner, the national anthem of the U$$A, Inc., after watching a fierce battle between the British Navy and U$$A, Inc. military forces in Baltimore Harbor in 1814. So this operation was a strike at the national, traditional, ceremonial, foundational, emotional heart of the CONUS/U$$A, Inc. rooted in its early military history. It has set the tone for what is to come, like a tuning fork or pitch pipe that band, symphonic or choral directors may use to establish the proper musical key before a musical performance, if you will. Maybe something like the famous 1812 Overture by Russian composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: (pay particular attention to the timestamp :50 to 1:10) which was composed to commemorate the overwhelming, crushing Russian victory over Napoleon Bonaparte’s invasion of the Russian heartland in 1812. By historical coincidence, the War of 1812 which occasioned the 1814 battle that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the Star Spangled Banner, began in the same year that the Russians sent Napoleon Bonaparte scampering back to Paris, with his Grande Armée blown to smithereens. This bridge collapse was/is, therefore, a very consciously planned and crafted operation, designed to resonate with the mass mind even on subconscious musical, linguistic and historical levels, in addition to the obvious, economic, transportation, shipping and civil engineering aspects. I think the tuning fork or pitch pipe analogy, to set the proper tone or key for what is to come, is very apt.
  2. Francis Scott “Key”. This bridge was/is a key structure. Its destruction is a hard blow to the economic/commercial/maritime/highway infrastructure of the Mid-Atlantic region of the CONUS/U$$A, Inc.
  3. Baltimore Harbor is in close geographic proximity to Washington-DC, so this was also an obvious message to the Federal government in the District of Columbia: if Baltimore can be so easily reached, so can Washington-DC.
  4. The ship involved is a container ship, stacked high with a couple of thousand shipping containers. One if by land, two if by sea, as it were (with apologies to Paul Revere). This incident was both an attack, as well as a sober warning of events yet to come. Among other things, it looks like Robert’s Rules of Order will not be in play. Maritime Law, that is to say, creatively, violently interpreted and applied Law of the Sea will be the Order of Battle going forward. To use a card shark/sharp turn of phrase: Jacks are wild! This will not be a sedate affair. To wit: shipping containers can potentially house: a) a nuke to be detonated when the container arrives at a specific geographic coordinate, or b) a Club-K type of concealed missile system. Please see: Any country or organization with a modern missile arsenal (there are a great many) can place missiles in shipping containers. There are thousands of container ships sailing around the world, with myriad thousands of containers, all of which cannot be inspected. It’s simply impossible to inspect them all. Any country or organization with nukes and missiles (whether self-built, bought from another country or acquired on the international black market) can place them in shipping containers and pop them off when the container reaches the targeted/desired geographic coordinates. We can expect these types of unexpected military events to occur.
  5. Contrary to a swarm of dishonest public pronouncements in the legacy news media, and mendacious statements by a variety of government agencies and officials, the ship steered directly towards the bridge pier and took it out. The collision was 100% intentional. Please see this Twitter/”X” video that clearly shows the event:

    Notice that at about timestamp 15 seconds the ship begins to swerve very hard to starboard, directly toward the bridge pier. As it begins to turn towards the bridge pier, black smoke begins to billow from its exhaust stack. It’s accelerating, piling on speed to strike the bridge support! Also notice that at about timestamp 24 seconds most of its lights go off. Several seconds later they come back on. Then they go off again. then they come back on again. Then they go off for a third time just after the ship strikes the bridge pier, and the bridge superstructure begins to collapse. All of this is as fishy as can be. This was no normal accident.

  6. Finally, what would a false flag attack be without the perpetrators’ calling card left at the scene of the crime? – – in this case, the number 333, the numerological I.D. of 33rd degree Freemasonry. Please note well: “Scott Cowan, the president of the International Longshoremen’s Association Local 333 in Baltimore, Maryland, said the collapse could cripple Baltimore’s economy and put hundreds out of work.” (link) First of all, Scott Cowan is correct. Taking down the bridge and shutting down the port is a severe shock for the Baltimore area and Mid-Atlantic region. And secondly, what are the odds??!! The Baltimore longshoremen’s union just by chance happens to be local no. 333. Now, I am not saying that the average, blue-collar dock worker in Baltimore was involved in this plot, or even that Scott Cowan was; though both he and they are sure to understand that something really fishy and strange has just happened that does not pass the commonsense smell test. No, this operation was handled at a much higher level than the docks on which the longshoremen work. You can bet that in the inner sanctum of the plethora of powerful, Freemasonic-related secret societies in the Baltimore and Washington-DC area there is a full understanding of what has just happened. The active dismantlement of the CONUS/U$$A, Inc. is now underway, and they know all about it. Look for more mayhem to come on or about, or shortly after, oh, I don′t know, maybe April 8th, when the big “X” marks the spot, solar eclipse crosses over the heartland of the CONUS/U$$A, Inc.


The Feds are saying that the bridge collapse in Baltimore was an accident, but they know otherwise. They will lie until the bitter end. It is all they know how to do. The truth is not in them. The CIA/NSA/FBI/NTSB/MSC/Coast Guard/etc. work for Satan. If they happen to perform a few good deeds along the way, it is only to provide cover for the immeasurably greater wickedness that is their real agenda. All are part of the same, red-white-and-blue turd.

War is coming to the CONUS/U$$A, Inc. This was the resounding shot across the bow to warn those in the know as to what is coming. Either you see see that and grok it, or you don’t. There will be more such events, a whole series of them, and far worse. I have written that so-called “America” will go down very hard, and so it will. Not because I say so; but because that is what is going to happen, due to unspeakable wickedness and violation of the directives of Jesus. And make no mistake, Jesus has tremendous clout across the many dimensions of reality. He’s nobody’s fool. He’s unbelievably patient, loving and forgiving with those who are sincerely contrite, who approach him with genuinely truthful intent – – and sincere contrition is the key – – but when he does act, he’s also equally unbelievably decisive. He cuts through b.s. like an industrial laser through butter. What is about to happen over the next couple of years is very heavily karmic, not least because of the unimaginably depraved actions and thoroughgoing lies of the entire range of alphabet soup agencies, and the teeming millions of their agents who have carried out their vile, evil projects and operations all over the CONUS/U$$A, Inc., and whole world and well beyond for my entire life, and for a century and a half before that.”


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