Russian bombs with popout wings travel 60 kms to target

This type of bomb enables Russian planes to keep out of the way of Ukrainian air defences.  Ukraine has modern air defence systems, as does Syria, keeping US and Israeli planes back.  They too use distance capable standoff bombs.  US lost 10,000 aircraft in Vietnam as Vietnam had excellent (Russian) anti-aircraft capability.  Avdiivka, the most heavily fortified Ukrainian positions, was defeated by the gliding bombs.  Patriot is the only missile with the range to stop Russian bombers but the Patriots are in short supply due to all systems being sent to Saudi Arabia to defend against Yemeni drones.  Russians find the Patriots and destroy them.  F-16s if they come will be shot down – but could launch Storm Shadow at a distance.

Russians have doubled the size and range of the standoff bombs which leave large craters in the ground, and blast the defences to pieces.

The English Democrats have wished to negotiate peace with Russia from the very beginning and end the sanctions.  England must quit the UK and NATO, and negotiate a separate peace, as the rest of them are round the loop, starting in Washington.  France is lost and will lose thousands of good men for nothing if they send troops.  Germany still has some anti-war brain.  England has to exit all of this mass stupidity.  Brexit was only the start of English Independence.


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