People in the USA Starting to Take Back Jurisdiction of Their Counties in Arizona And Elsewhere.

Will Britain Follow?

Maricopa County HQ Arizona

Exclusive Miki Klann Interview- Breaking!! “Maricopa Board of Supervisors RUN After Being Served!!!”

 Link Below:

 Courage is contagious folks………. Miki Klann gives an exclusive interview on what exactly went down with the Maricopa Board of Supervisors.. They Were Served And Ran Out Of The Building!! Here is a statement from Miki Klann:

“We the People just witnessed as the entire Board of Supervisors in Maricopa county run out of the room and vacated their post! And we served them anyway!!

We, the body sovereign presented them each with a notice of liability and opportunity to cure. The fine is $1.75 million per claim and there are 12 signatures which means they are each personally liable for $21 million.

If they do not resign in 3 days they will be presented with a Writ of Quo Warranto and a Waiver of Tort.

If they do not rebut these truths and they remain in office, we will send them a default judgment and a final bill for payment. We will also be notifying the military and their act of treason will be grounds for an immediate military tribunal.-Miki Klann


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2 Responses to “People in the USA Starting to Take Back Jurisdiction of Their Counties in Arizona And Elsewhere.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    American States and Counties have existence and the federal government is not all powerful. The UK has to be voided so that the original countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland re-emerge as independent entities. The first campaign has to be for England’s independence from the UK by referendum. Once that is won the other countries would emerge by default an the illegal treaties signed by UK would all lapse.

  2. newensign says:

    Quite right Tap, both the power of Washington DC and that of the City of London are controlled by the same usurping power built as a tower of cards of deception, both of which are starting to crumble. Yes, we need to get back to the days of Merry England of Lex Rex = Monarch under the law not above it!!