PCR Test Legally Ruled Useless

Tim From Fair Play Now, March 17th 2024
PCR Test Legally Ruled Useless
Of course we in the Freedom movement knew the PCR was useless as a test for Convid since day 1.
But it seems the wider world is finally waking up to this fact too.
Back in November, 4 Germans won a case in Portugal. They were suing for unlawful detainment through forced quarantine during a holiday following a positive PCR test.
Their case was won mainly because the PCR test was proven to be unreliable for reasons you can read about in the article below.
This isn’t exactly news to us though, is it?
Especially as we’ve all seen the footage featuring the PCR test’s inventor, Dr. Kary Mullis saying his test shouldn’t be used in the way it was under any circumstances!
He would probably have been screaming this from the rooftops in 2020 / 21 if it wasn’t for the fact he died in August 2019.
A natural departure I wonder?
Or was it one of those ‘convenient’ deaths?
Given that he shuffled off a mere 4 months before the nonsense started, you’ll have to forgive me for asking this question.
Would it surprise you that our dear old mainstream media have been completely silent on this court case?
I’m guessing not…
If news about the tests being useless got out widely, it would call into question all those ‘cases’ and all the supposed ‘deaths’.
In fact the entire saga would be questioned by millions and they’d soon see why we’ve been calling it Convid or the plandemic all along!
We can’t have that can we, especially if more nonsense is planned for the future?
So it remains up to yours truly and others like me to report on this kind of thing instead.
Please read the article then store it away somewhere very safe. Do the same with anything else you come across that proves how bad the tests are.
This way we’ll have an arsenal of evidence to use next time they try to pull this stunt!
Mind blowing Frequencies
I’ve just got back from an event in Surbiton called the ‘In Good Spirit Psychic And Holistic Fair.’
I was there to film Ingrid Pastl-Dickenson who gave a talk about frequencies and how they can either be a good or a bad thing.
I wonder if you know about something called the Schumann Resonance?
Put simply, it’s the frequency of the Earth’s electromagnetic field and is 7.83 Hz
Our bodies also operate to a certain frequency and have a guess what that is…
If you said 7.83 Hz, go to the top of the class!
What’s the chances of that? This synchronicity must be pre-ordained, mustn’t it?
And if we aren’t exposed to this frequency for extended periods of time, we can suffer both physically and mentally.
The smog of EMF radiation we live in these days is blocking out this natural resonance and could this be one of the reasons why we’re in such poor health collectively?
We have epidemics of so many things, from diabetes to depression and all the rest.
Could increasing our exposure to Schumann’s magical resonance and decreasing that to all the negative stuff be a simple way to improve our health?
I will be exploring this and other health avenues going forward.
The more people I talk to in the realms of alternative heath, the more convinced I become of the fact that so much is hidden away from us.
Do the ‘elites’ have this knowledge and do they use it?
It’s a fair bet they do.
I’m sure they have access to alternative and hidden therapies and good dietary information to keep themselves well without having to touch pharmaceuticals.
Knowledge that’s hidden from us because the power of big pharma and large corporations generally is all pervasive.
And they’ll fight like hell to keep us from learning health truths and to keep us dependent upon them.
I’ll finish with a hilarious but I suspect very true statement I heard spoken in a recent interview I saw.
They were talking about this kind of thing, how the ‘elites’ have access to knowledge about health, remedies and dietary information we don’t.
To quote the guy…
“The ‘elites’ certainly won’t be eating Gregg’s Steak Bakes!”
We all know that’s the truth, don’t we?
Do be on the lookout for Ingrid’s talk on my Rumble channel, which should be out in a couple of days. I think you’ll find it fascinating.
And while we’re talking about videos…
There was no midweek special issue of this newsletter as I mentioned last time.
That’s s because I’ve been busy editing and uploading all the videos from last weekend’s Tisbury event.
And I thought I’d give you access to everything here.
All the videos I did both in London and Tisbury are below…
You’ve got everything from Matt Le Tissier, Richard Vobes and Mark Devlin all speaking their truths, to health secrets and even the hidden truths behind the Dead Sea Scrolls!
You may have seen some of these already but much of it you won’t have, especially the Scrolls talk.
This was given by academic Gloria Moss and is for private viewing only, so is just available here and not publicly on any of my channels.
Well worth being signed up to this newsletter alone!
What Gloria has to say about the Dead Sea Scrolls questions the mainstream narrative surrounding them and will blow you away!
It’s all below, enjoy!
Mini interviews with Matt Le Tissier and Janey Lee Grace
Clive de Carle talk with an introduction by Janey Lee Grace
Richard Vobes
Matt Le Tissier
Rachel Mathews from Colchester Council Watch
Q & A with Clive, Richard and Matt
The Electromagnetic Body with Siobhan
Derek Pell And His Healing Machine
Secrets Of The Dead Sea Scrolls With Gloria Moss (Parts 1 & 2)
Mark Devlin – Controlling The Masses Through Societal Mind Control Via Popular Culture
The Crucifixion – An Alternative View With Ralph Ellis
(Note – I don’t necessarily share the views of all these speakers but everything’s here for you to make up your own mind).
Loads for you to get your teeth into there, so that’s it for this week, see you next time.
Tim from Fair Play Now, thanks for reading.
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7 Responses to “PCR Test Legally Ruled Useless”

  1. newensign says:

    Thanks for this and the useful links and about the earth frequencies Ian. Don’t worry they will have the test kit fixed for the plandemic, Haha!!

    • ian says:

      Yes no doubt N’, they wan’t us all dead for the health of the their world, which God gave them. W.H.O.

  2. Belyi says:

    I enjoy watching documentaries of murders forensically solved, many through using the PCR test. Many people have been brought to book in cold cases since the PCR test was first invented.

    It is clear that, by magnifying a tiny morsel of DNA, it is possible to obtain a sample large enough to analyse. This is what the test was invented for and it is a shame when people (in the context of (cv19) shout that it’s useless. For the purpose for which it was intended, it is brilliant.

    I do wish people would look beyond what the MSM trumpets to find the real truth. It doesn’t necessitate a massive IQ.

    • ian says:

      Indeed Belyi. A brilliant invention by Cary Mullis, just not intended for the destruction of the human race, which is what the self appointed owners of the Planet wanted. I’m sure also that their WHO will be to create, as they see it, a healthier world, with a vastly reduced population. Not that they’ll be volunteering for the chop.

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    “PCR is not a diagnostic tool!” Cary Mullis

    What more did anyone need to know?Nothing really

    But most folk were so brainwashed and/or scared that such knowledge made no difference at all. They still kept testing themselves and many still are too!

    Anyone who still tests is a lost cause. If they haven’t worked it out yet then, they are mentally deficient

  4. Steve Bolae says:

    Living in Portugal I remember this case very well. This was in November 2020.

    What was interesting with this case wasn’t the fact that the PCR tests were deemed to be useless for diagnosing disease, it was the fact that the judges used the law in Portugal that says only doctors can diagnose someone with a disease.

    And this is how they managed to pull the convid of 2020, by using a piece of equipment that could be tinkered with to tell you that you are infected with a disease. Not a qualified doctor but a machine. The other con was the infected with no symptoms.