Not sure of Source nor Veracity. I found it while searching for another quote.

There has never been, and there will never be, a successful “spontaneous” uprising of “the people” ™ which came to fruition solely as a result of the initiative and actions of “the people. ™” 

Memorize that!

“The people”  — for the most part — will ever be an inert mass of normies waiting to be activated by some higher hand. All revolts — whether “good” or “bad” — must therefore be engineered and executed or, at the very least, be critically aided, abetted and financed by a second tier faction of the ruling class that has turned against the dominant faction.

The American Revolution was the secretive work of some of the richest and most talented men in the colonies; the Jacobin clubs of revolutionary France had the Illuminati behind them; the Bolsheviks were guided and funded by the limitless pockets of the Schiff-Warburg-Rothschild crime syndicate which simultaneously waged war on the Russian Monarchy from the outside; the various “Color Revolutions” and “Arab Spring” uprisings of the 2000s were the handiwork of Soros and the CIA; and even Hitler’s glorious ground-up revolution (as close to true “grass roots” as you’ll find) still required the money of the industrial class and the tacit blessing of both retired and active military leaders in order to succeed in the end.


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  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    All correct apart from “Hitler’s glorious…”

    Hitler was funded by the Money Power too, both German old money, and Wall Street false money

    Hitlers Central Banker, Helmut Schact, represented “Them” in Nazi Germany. Was he very likely Hitler’s “financial handler”. Schact was a big pal of Montague Norman, Governor of the Bank of England, they were in constant touch throughout the war! They met frequently during the war too at the BIS in Switzerland, the Money Power’s meeting place away from prying eyes

    So, at elite level then, WW2 was a false war too, just like all the others

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Also the German people were the most propagandised population that there had ever been at that time. The State gave a gratis radio to every household and Hitler’s speeches were listened to by everyone

      Edward Bernays book “Propaganda” had been released in the late 1920’s just in time for Hitler and Goebells to take full advantage to brainwash the Germans. Which they did very successfully and it led to Germany’s fall

      Germany has never recovered. It’s been a neutered Empire poodle ever since 1945. Just look at it now, fanatical fake “Green” politicians deliberately destroying German industry as fast as they can. Supporting an unnecessary war nearby too

      Not a peep out of them when the Money Power’s apparachiks destroyed Nordstream

      Globalist gobshite Greens working for the man, NOT the people

    • ian says:

      Thanks Pete, Kind of what I thought, but thought I’d get good info from you guys.