Moscow…no blood in any pictures…133 dead.

I clicked through the pictures looking for certainty that the event took place.  It looked fake in the pictures that I saw.  No blood from hundreds wounded and killed.

If you have anything that is more convincing I’d look at it for sure.  The programme to equate the words Moslem and terrorist is operating.  That I am certain of.

Not all terrorists are Moslems.  Not all Moslems are terrorists.   Most Moslems are peaceful and normal human beings.  It is our media that wants us divided.

We should be as one.  We all talk to the same God, in different ways.  Does he want us at war with each other?  Definitely not.  Unlike the media


Russia playing a blinder against Ukraine propagandawise.  Just before launching massive offensive.


Number 33 often the signature of Freemasonry.


2 Responses to “Moscow…no blood in any pictures…133 dead.”

  1. newensign says:

    Its all fear porn Tap. While they are trying to hype up a war with Russia, at the same time they are reducing the effectiveness of our military. I did read that some deep underground ammo stores were blown up in Wales, causing tremors and loud bangs which were put down to earthquakes!

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Spot on Tap

    We’ve all seen these false flags too many times to mention. Are they ever real? How could we ever possibly know? They all follow a similar story arc. The perps usually die at the scene, but not necessarily, remember the brothers from Boston. One shot “dead” on the day. One a totally false US trial and sent to jail…. My bet is that both are scot free…

    Russia has form. The first “tower blocks” destroyed were in Moscow in the late 90’s, residential blocks. The 9/11 template

    They were thoroughly exposed as a false flag in subsequent years. “Chechen mooslims” if I recall, used as an excuse for war. Similar to 9/11….

    It’s events like these that make you realise that the reach of the fat controllers is global. East, West, our side, the evil Russkies? How to tell them apart? Are they all on the same team? Who knows for certain

    We’ve no way of knowing. We don’t really know who the fat controllers are, we certainly never see them ever, no signatures not proclamations just “events dear boy, events”. But we do know that their power is global. So you figure the odds…