Massive government fraud researched via Companies House

Former Police Officer finds massive corruption of information held at Companies House,  and of bank accounts and bank information.

Forged bank documents coming from the bank itself.  Police who were made aware of a case released the information to a prime suspect.

The former police officer reported to Serious Fraud Office and higher authority who were not willing to investigate.

The situation escalated.  Banks were producing fraudulent documents.

Companies House logs details but never checks details of what is logged there, including names, addresses so much is false information – names, addresses and financial information.

So many companies are not lawfully trading.

The effect is that the head of the serious fraud office has been moved.  Others.  Head of Council removed.

Companies House are talking of some companies verfiying ther information, but not all so that some can continue trading fraudulently.

There is a lot of tracks covering going on.

The system is criminal – HMRC agrees.  Lots of detail.

There is a deficit of trust, and truth across the whole system.

Amazing man.  The system needs to be rebuilt on trust, or the crooks won’t be able to keep going at the top.

There are simply too many crooks now.  The big crooks will need to rebuild the system with the mass of crime suppressed.

Theresa May set up many of the fraudulent systems.  He claims that paying taxes is aiding and abetting crime.

The PPE scandal is linked to the fraud.  Unlawful entity companies trading.  Green Seal is linked (David Cameron).

SWIFT itself is unlawful which can be used to send money to offshore accounts.  Real Estate is the core of the fraud as it is a way to defraud leaseholders.

The criminals should step down from power.  We need a transparent system.

Councils are not registered any more as once they were.  The Councillors are linked to companies that are linked to the system of fraud.

There are many good and brilliant police officers, and most not even aware in the Police.  The people at the top are connected to the system of fraud, and it filters down.

It will filter down unless resisted.

How do we get people to the top who we can trust?

The game has run too far.  Lots of people stepping down.  New ones coming in.

Opportunity to change the world.

Gordon Bowden once researched Companies House.  This time the game is up.

He is not paying any taxes at all, as the system is fraudulent.  He will pay his taxes again once the system is corrected.

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3 Responses to “Massive government fraud researched via Companies House”

  1. newensign says:

    I seem to remember something similar being raised some years back Tap, when it was exposed that there was a house in Finchley Road, London, that according to Companies House was the HQ of several thousand companies, so it is good to see the ex policeman is making headway, with resignations occuring already, All they will do, I suspect is they will dismantle the national government and rule through local governent areas which they are already geared up to do!

    • Belyi says:

      That is interesting because in early 1990 I had a small company supplying a complementary health product. I lived in a studio and didn’t want people turning up at my door so a friend suggested that the company for which she worked could be a mail box for me, as this was a service it offered.

      I think it was all above board as it was the registered office of my company, but who knows? Can’t remember the number and I only ran the company for a couple of years.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    “The criminals should step down from power. We need a transparent system.” Yes for certain they should and we do

    What a cesspit! It’s obvious that we live in a sea of corruption, anyone half awake can see that. But the breadth and depth of it are breathtaking according to this guy who seems credible

    The task of reform is consequently very daunting and probably very dangerous personally for reformers too. Where to start? The slate cannot be wiped clean so easily. Everything needs to change it seems, everything. “Change the world” he says, spot on but sadly very unlikely. I suspect that some sort of collapse will happen first. Hope I’m wrong

    Tax is another matter. My recent experiences with the taxman have been kafkaesque. It’s like dealing with the Borg. Very difficult to establish a human contact to negotiate with. Nobody cares about reason and logic. Computer says no. Utterly dispiriting and frustrating

    So I gave up and coughed up as required. Despite the fact that I had presented mitigating circumstances and demonstrated lack of intent to avoid my liabilities. Not a massive amount involved but quite a stressful experience overall