Mass Poisoning disaster: now the truth is undeniable and unavoidable


(Ian. if the vaccines were kept securely locked up, and the purpose of them was to kill off the useless eaters , then pishy Rishi, and his cohorts were telling the truth, saying that they were safe and effective.)

Intro by Steve Cook

The following briefing from Russell brand is a brilliant analysis of how, thanks to the tireless efforts of freedom fighters across the world, the truth is now breaching the force-screens of obfuscation and censorship to reach the public.

The vaccines , that we were told remorselessly by bare-faced liars were ‘safe” and “effective” are now being widely exposed as anything but. It is just a pity that so many people  had to be injured and murdered before the truth started to break through.

One of the priceless lessons here is the value of persistence because if the aforementioned freedom fighters such as Brand and many others had not kept at it in the face of horrendous suppression, the truth would not now be emerging.

Our hope is that, damage-limitation by the guilty parties notwithstanding, justice will be done and those responsible for the killing and injuring of millions of people in what amounts to an outright deadly attack upon our nations, will be made to stand trial and it found guilty, be made to pay for what they have done.

One thing is for sure, only an idiot would ever trust the word of these corrupt governments, agencies and media propagandists ever gain.

Please enjoy this insightful and – in true Brand style – often highly entertaining video.


People Dying at STAGGERING Rates –

Now The Media ADMIT It



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One Response to “Mass Poisoning disaster: now the truth is undeniable and unavoidable”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Yes it’s going to come out. It’s impossible to stop now, it’s glaringly obvious and the deaths are piling up

    Should be fascinating to see how they spin it. It’s surely a capital offence, high treason even. Who will they sacrifice? They need a scapegoat. Someone will probs play that role at some point