March 4 – ‘Vaccinated Will All Die of Turbo Cancer Soon’

British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen – March 5, 2024

As conditions deteriorate, people are starting to get angry. The Gaza massacre is highlighting Zionist hegemony in the West. Victoria Nuland has just resigned. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail.  

British MP Reveals Elite Told Him ‘Vaccinated Will All Die of Turbo Cancer Soon’

(Disclaimer – This is happening, but surely not on the scale of “hundreds of millions.”)

The vaccinated will soon begin dying in their hundreds of millions according to British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen who revealed a Senior Cabinet Minister told him details of the plan to use turbo cancer to depopulation.

According to Bridgen, the incident took place in the tea room at Westminster Houses of Parliament, where the unnamed senior Minister told him that he would be “dead of cancer soon” because he was misled into taking the vaccine during the lockdown.

“You can speak out all you want,” the Minister told Bridgen. “It doesn’t matter. You are vaccinated. You will be dead of cancer soon.”

Andrew Bridgen has served as Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire since 2010. He has become a prominent voice in the fight against globalist authoritarianism in the UK, railing against Covid vaccine mandates, lockdowns and mask mandates.

Bridgen’s timely warning about skyrocketing cancers deaths as a result of mRNA vaccines comes as Pfizer employees begin blowing the whistle about the scam.

Turbo cancer is set to claim the lives of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people in the next few years, according to a Pfizer insider who warns that everybody vaccinated with mRNA is a walking, talking time bomb waiting to explode.

According to the insider, the Covid pandemic and the mRNA roll out was an operation with decades of planning, with the express purpose of injuring people, maiming, and killing vast numbers of people deliberately.

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7 Responses to “March 4 – ‘Vaccinated Will All Die of Turbo Cancer Soon’”

  1. ian says:

    No comments? It could be true, and Bridgen is for real. It could be a lie, and Bridgen is for real. Bridgen could be a gatekeeper, and It could be an attempt to give him more credibility with those unvaccinated and would like it to be true, as in, “We Fkn knew it would kill everyone”. I don’t know the answer, but thought it worth posting.

    I could imagine Bridgen pushing the vaccine injury thing and annoying those in the (elite loop), who might have said, “Well if that’s the case Andrew, you’ll soon be dead along with millions of others”.

    As I said on a previous article about Bridgen, he seems to want them to prosecute themselves, but, and it’s important, so do most folks who don’t understand how it all works.

    If I don’t come across as clueless, I should. Comments welcome.

    • John says:

      For me it’s all theater. The entities that run this domain have been through the current situation many times. They control and have strategies and protocols for every stage of the civilization cycle. Beginning, middle, end, reset. I think we’re going through an attempted staged and controlled collapse and reset as they have done before and they believe all will be exactly the same on the other side but with new actors. This time round though there are other factors at play that the machine like controllers cannot sense or perceive. Never underestimate the power of left field. They most certainly have and it will be their downfall.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        That makes sense to me John. Bridgen is part of the show. Given that he’s a Freemasonic Bildergerger [see previous posts] then he’s about as reliable as a chocolate teapot. I see no signs of a mass die off so far

        I suspect that you are correct about “left field” too. I certainly hope so. There’s nowt stranger than folk as they say and Natural Law is inviolable. These fat controllers, whoever they are, are not God. They might think that they are but they are wrong

        • John says:

          For the last few years I’ve started to think that we’re in a combination of a farm and a power station. Some type of nuclear/energy reactor and we’re the fuel rods. Who we think are our representatives and rulers are just running the business for the owners. We’re waking up and are becoming problematic. I think they’re looking to remove the problematic fuel rods and bring in fresh new ones. Remove the bad rods and reintroduce new ones. Somehow they’re using opposites to create a charge. Zinc/copper. Hot/cold. Up/down. Rich poor etc. Anode/cathode. The machine is under performing and it’s time for a reset. The big reveal may be bigger than we ever could have imagined.

  2. ian says:

    Thank you both for your comments. I am not as educated as you both are in these matters. It didn’t seem likely to me that he would have gotten so much coverage, “media wise”, had he been for real, but that was just a feeling I had. I do know that many, if not all of the vaxxed now emit a low energy bluetooth signal, which seems wasted if they’re doomed to die. BTW you can easily download a LE bluetooth scanner onto your phone to check that out. It’s use, I don’t know. Tracker, kill switch? ID? Time will tell. Thanks again guys.

  3. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    You’ve got plenty of common sense and good instinct Ian, and plenty of knowledge too, that’s all that is necessary. I agree with you about the media coverage for AB. If they don’t want us to know then we don’t

    It’s easy to wrap oneself in the various narratives but real world is what counts isn’t it. I see plenty of sick folk and a few dead ones too. But nothing on the scale of a mass die off so far. Fingers crossed that will never happen

    But it is still mass murder whichever way you look at it. Steve Kirsch and the New Zealand data leak shows at least 17 million dead world wide. The perps should swing and it’s not as if we don’t know who they are is it. They told us all exactly what they were doing