Kate’s cancer video – Is it Deepfake or Greenscreen? It doesn’t look real

Is that the work of Deep Fake?

Have a look and decide for yourself if you are interested, I will never post Beeb links here, they disgust me too much, but easy to find…

I think it’s Deep Fake, or at least green screen with a digital backgound

And there are some strange and suspicious circumstances:

First, why is Little Bald Willie Juan Carlos NOT alongside her? That makes no sense. She says that he is supportive but he’s a No Show! Really supportive then, NOT. Deep Fake is maybe not developed enough yet to do 2 at once?

Second, why was the vid released when the Moscow Mooslim Terror false flag is hogging all the headlines? Why not wait a day or two? Makes no sense

Third, the body on Kate doesn’t look like a woman! Very wide shoulders, no curves, mannish hands, slim hips with no waist. For a woman who has had three kids?

Fourth, this could have been produced at any time, there is no way of knowing when it was made. Why is that? If they proved the date, which would be very easy to do, then, they would stop the speculation. But they don’t do that, thus guaranteeing more speculation

Where is she? She seems to have disappeared. It is all very weird

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3 Responses to “Kate’s cancer video – Is it Deepfake or Greenscreen? It doesn’t look real”

  1. ian says:

    Definitely very odd. Also assuming it (IS) real, do they expect us to believe that she would be restricted to Chemo and radiation in the UK, the worst cancer outcome country in Europe?????? when there are cures that ensure that the B4stards in charge all live to 100. Give us a fkn break.

    • ian says:

      Eg Dr Burzynski, or David Noakes and Lynda Thyer , with Glyco-protein macrophage activation factor. Deffo not for the peasants.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    It is ridiculous Ian, but very odd too. What’s happened to her? She’s disappeared and this charade can’t go on for ever because it’ll become too obvious. It’s pretty obvious now as it is. She’s not been seen this year