Kate stuff analysed by Miles Mathis

And in other news, we find a picture of Kate Middleton and her children being pulled by the
Associated Press and many other agencies worldwide for manipulation, in an event that itself looks
So that photo is being pulled as a fake when all the thousands of fake photos I have shown you are left
up? Can you even spot the “problem area”? I bet you can’t.
That’s because there isn’t one. At first we were told it is because someone’s arms are too long. I don’t
see any arms that are too long. Now we are being told the girl’s outside hand comes out of her sleeve
wrong. I see what they are saying, but I don’t think they are right. Just because something looks odd
doesn’t mean it is wrong. The hand seems shoved over relative to the sleeve, making it seem it was
pasted wrong. But that is just where her thumb begins. There is a natural hump there where the thumb
meets the hand. The thumb is hidden behind the hand, you know. They could just as easily say she has
no thumb, and some people would buy that.

They could also point out these oddities as fakes, and I predict someone will. The Prince’s outside
hand is weird, since he is crossing his middle fingers and you can’t see the end of his index finger
because it is curled under. They will claim he is making a Satanic or Freemasonic handsign, when he
is just nervous. They will say he has lost the end of his finger. One of Kate’s hands is blurred,
probably from movement, and the other one has what appears to be a longer pinkie than index finger.
But that is just due to angle.

[I don’t know why Kate isn’t wearing a wedding ring. Maybe the photo is reversed and the ring is
hidden under the boy’s sleeve. Or maybe she took it off while she was washing the dishes. That is
actually a better question than these others, since it could point to a manufactured marriage, of the sort
we saw with Grace Kelly. But that is whole other can of worms, one I am not prepared to get into here.
It would take a lot more research than I am interested in doing now. Besides, it has nothing to do with
whether this photo is manipulated or not.]

I know about this stuff because I have been painting from photos all my adult life. I have seen lots of
these anomalies, so I know what happens in photos (and what doesn’t). I also know that some minor
alterations in published photos are to be expected and that they are normally harmless. Those aren’t
what I am pointing out in my historical photo analysis, as my readers know.

I also know that non-artists and other normal people don’t look as closely as I do. I have had many
people come to my shows and tell me something is wrong with one of my paintings, with little
anomalies like this. Occasionally it is even fellow artists who do this. I sometimes take the time to pull
the photo I used out and prove to them they are wrong. More often I can prove it just by posing in front
of them in some form they are claiming is impossible. I have done that many times. They say the girl
couldn’t bend her wrist like that, so I bend my wrist like that. They say she couldn’t stand on one foot
while wrapping the other one around her ankle like that. So I do it right in front of them.

But concerning this particular photo, just ask yourself this: why would they fake that and only that?
Are these conspiracy and photo experts implying the Princess Charlotte has recently lost her hand in a
threshing incident, and that the Royals needed to cover that up? There is no reason to fake that or any
of this, except possibly to show Kate is still alive or healthy when she isn’t. In which case they would
just release an older photo as new. So if anything, someone should be claiming those kids now look
older than that. But nobody is.
I’ll tell you what is going on here. This whole thing is a psyop, and they are selling you a real photo as a
fake one, to confuse you. Most people will look at this and not see any problem, or they will pretend to
see some problem that isn’t there. Turning them off from this whole topic. This is a direct response to
my now voluminous research, a key part of which is photo analysis. They obviously don’t want you
studying historical or contemporary photos and spotting real problems, so they promote this fake
problem instead to muddy the waters and make people think they are blind or stupid. They may have
also hoped I would promote it, at which point they could pull the rug out from under me. That didn’t
work, as you see.

In fact, I have instead used this event to get your attention back on the Laken Riley hoax, which will
piss these people off more than anything. They want your eyes on this fake fake photo, instead of on
the multiple real fake photos of the Laken event. See my update to that recent paper.
[Added March 21, 2024: That said, it is true that the woman filmed with William yesterday and
claimed by TMZ to be Kate was not her. Except that there is no official claim from the royals that it
was Kate. It could be the kids’ nanny, it could be a friend of the family, it could be anyone. So again I
see it as an eye’s-off event. They want your eyes on the royals at all times—theorizing about
something anything—sort of like they want your eyes on Biden and Trump and Congress here. So that
your eyes aren’t on reality.] And in other news, …….

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