Getting back control

We start with my old friend the heavily loss making Bank of England. They have lurched from creating inflation by printing too much money and keeping rates too low, to causing a shallow recession by destroying too much money and by driving bond interest rates too high. They have lost us £50 bn since 2022, all reimbursed by taxpayers. Stop the bond sales and follow ECB policy over bank reserves to make a big reduction in the losses and taxpayer subsidies.

Abolish the expensive and useless UK Government Investments . Get Ministers to supervise their departmental monitoring of the nationalised industries and state owned shareholdings that report to them. They already duplicate the UK Government Investments work. Put in management that can stop the huge losses at the Post Office and Network Rail. Dispose of holdings as with Nat West to bring in cash and cut risks. Sell other assets. Mutualise the Post Office. Achieve a substantial reduction in the £33 bn cash injection this year into a heavily loss making railway.

John Redwood

To see all graphics better go to Getting out of world government – England Calling

Three approaches. UKIP, Reform and TEDS. Reform doesn’t tell you why we are being invaded. UKIP doesn’t tell you that UK will not be able to leave UN Refugee Convention 1951 without leaving all other world government bodies. The mass web of treaties with UN WEF WHO NATO all lapse when we quit UK. Scotland wants to go anyway if real opinion there is correctly measured. There is nothing to lose. Wales has strong tendency now to get out also.





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