7 Responses to “Doctor Loraine Day – The True Reason For The Vaccine”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    It was definitely not a vaccine by the original definition of the word, no doubt about that. They changed the definition ahead of the scamdemic. It was an experimental drug not a vaccine

    This was not a secret either, it was easy to find out at the time, it was openly admitted. And yet somehow it didn’t matter to most folk. They offered their arm up regardless, go figure…..

    I’m not convinced that it’s a universal death shot though. I certainly hope and pray that it isn’t. One of it’s purposes was definitely financial, it was an absolute profit bonanza for the pharma corps. No quality control that mattered, probably plenty of placebos in reality. Easy money, very easy, money, on a plate from compliant governments around the world that did as pharma instructed. It’s the very definition of fascism when corporations are superior to governments….

    If I remember correctly then, the different batches of the drug were very variable in their effects too. A small number of the batches caused a high percentage of the injuries. Again that info was freely available at the time

    I also suspect that the number of shots that folk accepted will make a big difference in the long run. Lots of folk just took one or two before they woke up from their trance. So a good chance of just a placebo. But I know folk who have had 6 or more and are still perfectly ok, so far at least….

    • ian says:

      The vast majority, who trust the system and believe that the government is there to serve them, who trust TV even the BBC, were deliberately scared shitless, by government psyop team. Big strong men, rugby players who like a scrap, and I know a few, were amongst those terrified. my brother, the older of my two younger brothers, fancies himself as clever, smart, etc. trusted them, and still does. He believes still, that if anything went wrong, it must have been a mistake, and I must be a sad arsehole not to believe that.

      I’ve mentioned before, about an experiment which was carried out on a group of semi wild chimps. A stuffed leopard was made visible to some low ranking members of the group, members of which screeched alarm calls, but as the senior chimps couldn’t see the danger, nothing happened. Once however, the senior chimps saw it and alarmed, all the chimps scattered. I see ordinary working people as ordinary chimps, and TV presenters and Government members as dominant chimps. They still don’t believe us in most cases.

      I thought that a lifelong friend of mine had awoken to the reality, but if he has, his wife hasn’t, so I doubt it.

      • newensign says:

        Yes quite true Ian the public are easily fooled, not realising the government don’t have their best interests at heart!!

    • newensign says:

      I did hear also Pete, that a courageous nurse switched a batch of several million vials for a placebo saving many lives, I forget where that was now. Interesting also that “covid19” showed in plain sight many ways: Certificate of vaccination ID 2019. C (see) OVID (Sheep Latin) 19 Surrender 19 (also A I A = (artificial) and 9th letter = AI.

  2. Belyi says:

    I did things the opposite way because I had pneumonia at the age of five, jaundice around the same period and all the childhood illnesses before the age of 10. The fact that my mother believed in buying top quality food, has ensured that I’ve stayed in excellent health.

    • newensign says:

      That is the key to health Belyi – eating good food. It is becoming increasingly hard to source these days! Buying cheap food costs one dearly in the long run.

      • Belyi says:

        It depends on your priorities. My grandmother, who had very little money, always bought the best food she could afford, saying that she didn’t need to pay doctors’ bills.

        Food (aside from rent) is my major expenditure because I buy organic, but I don’t need most of the things that people seem to consider essential to be ‘happy’.