A St Petersburg based blogger, Dmitry Orlov, comments

I suspect Russian state involvement myself

How could the roof fire have been set so quickly otherwise?

Other than by pre-planning?

The Rooskies have form with Islamic false flags too

Mind you ISIS is a US creation, UK/City of London too I imagine

It doesn’t really exist as an independent entity, it needs spook support

Remember that Israeli American woman Katz who ran all the obviously greenscreened “beheadings” with no blood?

“Thanks to all those who have expressed their condolences concerning the events in Crocus City Hall. For those who pay no attention to the news (and who can blame you?) it was a terrorist attack on a shopping mall and concert venue near Moscow that took over a hundred lives, including children. It was perpetrated by four migrants from Tajikistan who had been promised 500k₽ ($5,426.82) to go and shoot some people (and only received half the money). They used automatic weapons which, based on the massive muzzle flashes, had seen better days, to shoot people at random, then set the building on fire by taking a flamethrower to the seats in an auditorium. Then they fled in the same car that they used to get there, running over a young boy on the way. They drove toward the Ukrainian border, where Ukrainian operatives had arranged to take them across. When pulled over, they refused to stop. When Russian security shot out the tires of their car and it flipped over, three of the four fled on foot across the swampy woods but were rounded up and arrested. All of them readily confessed to their crimes. In all, 11 people have been arrested and the investigation is ongoing, so that’s all the hard news that’s fit to report at this time; everything else would be innuendo, hearsay or confabulation.

But now comes the interesting bit: there is a new lie to add to an already stupendous pile of lies perpetuated by the Western deep state, government and press. That it is physically possible to knock down three skyscrapers (WTC #1, #2 and #7) using two passenger jets. That Pfizer and Moderna produced actual Covid-19 vaccines as opposed to relatively ineffective bioweapons aimed at population reduction. That Joe Biden is the president of the US rather than a drugged-up semi-robotic stand-in for the man behind the curtain (whoever he may be). That atmospheric carbon dioxide is an important greenhouse gas that causes global warming rather than just being plant food and rather scarce. If you are like most people living in the West, you just lap up these lies along with your breakfast porridge and don’t even think about it. But perhaps you should.
The new lie is that the Crocus City Hall attack was organized by ISIS-K. ISIS, a.k.a. the Caliphate or the Islamic State, was a byproduct of the US invasion of Iraq that the US spooks readily embraced and supported because they thought that these bastards would help them overthrow the government of Syria. But then Russia intervened and ISIS is no more. ISIS-K is a transplant of an ISIS remnant in Khorasan, Afghanistan — at east before the US hastily pulled out of there. Their fate is uncertain; perhaps they have been all quietly killed off by the Taliban by now. The Taliban hates these American-organized stooges.
The perps pretty much told the same story: they were recruited via the Telegram app while living in a migrant hostel in Moscow and agreed to do the job because they were really, really pathetic bunch of losers with nothing whatsoever going for them. One of them doesn’t even understand a word of Russian. How would the US know anything about this? Oh, wait, ISIS-K is a CIA creation, that’s how! And why wouldn’t they share this information with the Russian anti-terrorist services beforehand? Good question!
Another odd thing is that was complete silence on the question from all of the Western sources for several hours after the event took place, until they all piped up at the same time and… claimed that it was ISIS-K. Then they started spouting spurious nonsense that ISIS-K is the consensus view. What this tells us is that there was massive confusion and ignorance in the West until they learned that the terrorists were headed toward the former Ukraine and realized what they had to do: deflect the blame from the Ukrainians at all cost. Flipping through their little stack of terrorist groups, the Americans found ISIS-K and figured that it will do.
And now, a few questions:
• Why did the perps make a beeline to the Ukrainian border?
• Why did the Ukrainian authorities so obligingly made arrangements to take them across?
• Has ISIS-K infiltrated the Zelensky régime?
• Or are the CIA, the Zelensky régime and ISIS-K all one happy terrorist family?
These questions are not worth pondering too hard. What seems obvious is that the Ukrainians organized the event without bothering to inform the Washingtonians. And the reason they behaved so badly is that they are misbehaving in order to draw attention to themselves, as neglected children often do, now that it’s clear that the Americans are planning to abandon them like they abandoned Afghanistan, or South Vietnam, or the Kurds, or… it’s a long list. The best that the Zelensky régime can hope to accomplish is an increased level of embarrassment for its neglectful lord and master; they have no other cards left to play. In any case, the Kiev régime turns into a pumpkin on May 21, when Zelensky (having cancelled the elections) will cease to be an elected leader and will become what he really is — a war criminal, a money launderer for the Biden clan, and an international terrorist. This goes for him and for all his henchmen, and the Russians are unlikely to be particularly nice to them.
As far as condolences… they are very nice, but why limit them to just the recent victims in Moscow? What about all of the people in Belgorod who are being continuously shelled with NATO-provided weapons (Czech Vampyr rockets, specifically)? The action there is not as spectacular as the event in Moscow, but the deaths, the injuries and the property destruction is cumulative. And what about the thousands of people in Donetsk who have been killed and maimed by Ukrainian mortars and artillery for the past 10 years? Condolences, condolences…”
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5 Responses to “Crocus-Hocus-Pocus”

  1. ian says:

    These type of attacks, ie supposed terrorist attacks on Concerts etc, panic the public and really empower the State. As I have mentioned elsewhere, if you hate a Country and have access to guns, explosives etc, then why wouldn’t you attack government infrastructure and personnel. Attacking civilians only empowers those you “supposedly” hate, which leads me to believe that all such attackers are carrying out a FF attack, or are so thick, they’d likely arse the whole thing up.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Makes logical sense Ian. That’s my instinct too, none of these things are ever real, they are all false flags of some kind run by spooks and the like

      I’ve certainly checked into quite a few of them over the years and I’ve never found one that I thought was real

      So my default mode is “Spook run false flag!”. If someone can prove me wrong for such a specific event then please show me

      • ian says:

        Even demonstrations Pete. The standard format to destroy them, is infiltrate them with young masked up off duty cops/soldier types. Get them to piss on statues of Churchill, throw bricks through McDonalds, or bank windows, and torch a couple of done in old cop cars, all the while surrounded by press photographers. It works every time.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Sorry I borrowed your title Pete! too good!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Credit where it’s due Tap, it was the title of Dmitry Orlov’s blog that I linked to!