Clown world Sunak? Or is there method is his madness?

(438) Sunak meltdown. Macron WW3 tripwire. German Crimea bridge audio, cui bono? Biden, Giorgia on my mind – YouTube

Clowning around or is it the government agenda to foment a racial war on the streets to justify a crackdown? That’s the usual game – divide and rule.

Every single person in England is concerned by the deterioration of public order and crime. Yet the government clearly wants more until they can justify some kind of deployment of forces onto the streets – no doubt all the young men under UN command bottled up in our hotels is part of the gameplan.

Offenders committing crimes like grievous bodily harm are not being sent to jail any more,  but anyone putting up stickers saying White Lives Matter is put away for up to five years. It’s as if they want a reaction and request for more law and order, so they can justify their crackdown.

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Alex Christoforou is amused by Snake Oil’s overreaction to Galloway’s election, because he doesn’t seem to understand the plan.

The handover of UK to total UN control no less, with our own armed forces sent overseas to bottle up Russian attempts to move on Odesa.

Did British Intel reveal the recording of German Luftwaffe discussing attacking Crimean bridge?

RFK wants war in ukraine ended.

If there was ever a moment for English Independence, this is it.

See Christoforou’s amusement in the link.  Tell him what’s going on so he stops thinking it’s just funny or Snake Oil’s incompetence.

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