Chris Spivey Denied Justice

Although this item is somewhat dated, 2015. The name of Chris Spivey has come up in a number of posts recently, this interview with Nick Kollerstrom, will give readers a better idea of this man who has been silenced by the state.

July 30th – Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court, Chris Spivey found guilty – and vilified by the national media. Guilty of what? See my letter (below) handed in to the Ministry of Justice on August 12th.

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Spivey had earlier put out the statement: “The court case is going ahead tomorrow despite my Barrister stating in writing that I cannot get a fair trial without the witnesses there. Apparently the judge has refused to postpone the case despite the appeal being put in to have the witnesses present… That should tell you what the outcome of this Kangaroo Court will be. The bottom line is that this is a fraudulent court case and the rule of law completely ignored

By August 1, Chris had to take down his website by midnight or go to prison. Earlier he announced that the site along with his Facebook page were being deleted.

There was a petition about the right to face one’s accusers in a court of law: Spivey was denied that right – and the petition has been deleted, after getting two thousand signatures.

He was found guilty of two counts of harassment without violence and two counts of malicious communication against Lee Rigby’s mother, Lyn Rigby, and his sister Sara McClure. (He had tried to contact them on Facebook) If those were the charges it seems strange that they did not have to turn up in court to press them.

Did he post up the private street address of the Rigby family? It was a business address (see comments below), already in th public domain.

This is a black day for British justice. What on earth can it mean to swear on oath to tell the ‘absolute truth’ if those making the charge don’t even have to turn up?

Text of the letter I handed in:

To: Judge John Woollard.

Chelmsford Magistrates Court

Dear Sir,

I understand that you are the judge who presided in a magistrate’s court, at Chelmsford on July 30-31. You served an ‘ultimatum’ to Mr Chris Spivey that he take down his entire website (which had received some ten million hits) or go to jail. Then the sentence of your court hearing will be handed down on August 27th.   Quite what a judge was doing in a magistrates’ court, or how an ultimatum could be handed down before any sentence has been given, are minor irregularities compared to the guilt you purport to have found in this case.

Mr Spivey was not allowed to call any witnesses, nor could he even confront his accusers in court. Sir, have you not used hearsay evidence here? He merely requested an interview, and requested a facebook link – both declined – with a member of the Rigby family, and behold! you have formulated this as “ two counts of malicious communication against Lee Rigby’s mother, Lyn Rigby, and his sister Sara McClure”

These are people Mr Spivey has never met – and you find him guilty of “two counts of harassment without violence” Sir, these are public figures, clearly receiving large amounts of charity money, through the ‘Team Lee United Forces Ltd’ (since changed to The Lee Rigby Foundation Ltd.) – set up by Lyn Rigby. This is a limited company, which may look like a charity. So, what is the crime? If Spivey had hung around their homes then we would at least know what you were talking about – but he hasn’t. There is a long tradition of British satire, from Hogarth to Private Eye, and Mr Spivey’s popular website is surely within that tradition, much enjoyed by people who read it. On what grounds have you closed it down?

At your court hearing, a statement by Lyn Rigby was read out, that she ‘cried for weeks’ after Mr Spivey published her personal address on his site. Sir, that was a business address – as your court hearing made clear – of the above-mentioned lucrative business, of which she is a company director, for selling Rigby memorabilia etc. It was already in the public domain. It was given out in the newspapers on reporting the Spivey case – are you going to accuse them? And, since when have British people been found guilty, over a read-out testimony, about some woman crying, who could not even turn up to the court?

You charged Mr Spivey four thousand pounds for court costs. Your judgement was, that he had pursued “a course of conduct to those people [the Rigbys], likely to cause distress.” Is not that an innovative notion of crime, that one can be fined thousands and be threatened with jail merely because of conduct ‘likely to cause distress’? Moreover, as emerged from your Hearing, no-one had even written a letter to Mr Spivey requesting that any offensive content of his site be taken down or adjusted in the preceding years – as one would surely expect, for a case of this kind.

According to newspaper reports of your two-day hearing, Mr Spivey ‘claimed the 25-year-old soldier did not exist’. Are you saying that was a crime? A question-mark does hover over the identity of Drummer Lee Rigby, aka James Lee McClure: I applied to the Registrar’s Office for a copy of the birth certificate of Lee James McClure, born 1st or 4th July 1987, in the North Manchester Hospital, and after four weeks they returned me my ten pounds and said they could not find any such entry.

If you are making such a claim, then your courtroom should have been given a quote from his website to prove that that was his view – that Lee Rigby ‘did not exist.’ I believe you would there have found some difficulty. When Mr Spivey came to talk to our group on the subject (‘911 keep talking’ group, which meets monthly in London) he somewhat surprisingly would not commit himself on that matter.

If you had requested that Lyn Rigby turn up to the hearing with a birth certificate and a death certificate of Lee Rigby (whether or not she could have done that), then at least you would have had a meaningful event. Instead you have attempted to ruin Mr Spivey’s life and his family without anything which I can see resembling a crime.

That Mr Spivey is a law-abiding citizen, is shown by the way he set up the petition  – which had gained two thousand signatures, before it was mysteriously closed down, at the same time as your court hearing. Did you cause that to happen?

You have apparently found him guilty because he ‘claimed the murder of Lee Rigby was staged.’ Well, a lot of people believe that – i.e., that what happened on 22 May on Artillery Road 2013 was a staged event done by actors. Are you saying it is a crime to hold such a dissident opinion? Most issues concerning ‘Lee Rigby’ seem questionable – was he a drummer or a machine-gunner, was he in Cyprus or Afghanistan, etc, and can any evidence of his existence in these roles be shown? Have you ever heard of a man who changed his name apparently just because his mother re-married? It ought to be the role of British courts to uphold our traditions of freedom of expression.

I suggest, Sir, that that court case of yours was a travesty of justice.

Yours truly,


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18 Responses to “Chris Spivey Denied Justice”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Spivey’s work on Woolwich was very clear. Woolwich was a false flag, the perps were agents of some sort, and their “trial” was an absolute perversion of British justice. No wonder they made him delete his site with all the masses of evidence that he had compiled over numerous posts

    The “trial” was an eye opening moment for me. It was the moment that I realised that the “deep state” were in control of our courts and could have a completely false trial here in UK if they wanted

    Mathis has shown the same in the US plenty of times. Over there, if it’s on camera then, it’s false. See his OJ Simpson paper, and plenty more in his other papers too

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      And Drummer Rigby was a made up character too. He existed in the script but all the images of him were false. Every single one, including his “body” in the road at Woolwich. And his “wedding photos”

      The vids of the perps at the scene were laughable. Copious amounts of moulage [stage blood] and ridiculous posing by the so called perp. Spivey clearly showed the bus with all the actors on it too. It was a stage set that was sealed off from the general public

      • newensign says:

        Yes Pete, the establishment certainly did not like Spivey’s work and as you say, the false flag op was poor. Even I noticed that the nonsense shot of a woman supposedly comforting him when his head had been cut off, which was just a package in the road!

  2. ian says:

    I used to follow Spivey too. I loved his site, and recall all mentioned By Pete and Newensign. Like Mathis, he used to say stuff I didn’t agree with, but I can live with that. If he was talking shit, he’d be allowed to carry on unhindered.

    • newensign says:

      Yes Ian, Spivey was hated by the deep state with his facial recognition equipment and exposing the Diana scam. He came along just after Joe Vials disappeared. I don’t know if you remember him?

      • ian says:

        Hi N’, I loved Joe Vials. I often talked to him via email. He did great work on the Soham murders and the lady cop who was killed outside the Libyan embassy. Of course other stuff too.

        • ian says:

          I think it was Yvonne Fletcher who was killed.

        • newensign says:

          Interesting you were in contact with Joe Vials Ian, he certainly taught me to look at things more closely. Its a pitty he his no longer with us.

          • ian says:

            Indeed, he was unwell on our last conversation, he smoked a lot, and thought he might have SARS as well, that wasn’t long before he passed away. I suspect he was exposing too much. A great guy.

  3. Tapestry says:

    They have to maintain their deceptions or they have nothing left. Take the inquiry into Hilsborough. You think judges care about justice? They do what they are told. And collect the gold plated pensions.

    • newensign says:

      Quite true Tap, the more one studies it, the more fragile one discovers there system of control is and its been going on for centuries, but they shot themselves in the foot, when they made computers and the Internet available to all! The system is now starting to crumble and are therefore at their most dangerous like a cornered animal so we have to maintain our vigilance and resilience! .

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes Tap without deception they are nothing…

      I am particularly close to the Hillsborough farrago too. I’m from Liverpool and even though I’ve always followed the Blues, I know all about the injustice. All Blues fans do too, it was an assault on the whole City in reality

      Liverpool is very different to everywhere else. Red? Blue? Scathing humour but no matter, all one family. Blues and Reds in the same family, on the same terrace, with all the others cracking jokes, taking the piss, nothing like it anywhere

      The globalists stopped all that of course, fans can’t mix! Not allowed. We can’t trust them…

      That afternoon I was at Villa Park watching the Blues beat Norwich in the other FA semi final. I came out full of joy singing and chanting. It was only when we got to the car and turned on the radio that we found out about the disaster. It ruined our afternoon, our season and our FA final at the old Wembley, which followed. I was at Wembley too

      I’d been on the disaster scene at Leppings Lane that same season, watching the Blues. I knew it was a death trap, because as soon as I clocked the inadequate exits I said to my mate. “I’m not staying here this is a death trap”. We moved to another terrace…

      I also knew that the turnstiles were dangerous and inadequate too. I’d been in a massive crowd of Evertonians that night, all beered up too. And I’d seen the chaos that followed the inadequate stewarding and crowd control. The fans told the stewards what they thought in no uncertain terms, the air was blue too, not just the scarves. Liverpool was used to full stadiums of fans, we all knew what was required, perhaps Sheffield less so at that time…

      Hlllsborough was entirely down to the FA choosing such an inadequate venue. And failing to organise the crowds safely. They were stupid enough to put the Liverpool fans in Leppings too, not the Forest fans. There were twice as many Liverpool fans, many with no ticket, yet Forest got the massive Kop at the other end of the ground, and Liverpool the slum that I saw earlier that season

      So I wasn’t surprised that the disaster happened

      But I was utterly gobsmacked, shocked and very very upset when the authorities blamed it on the Liverpool fans. Who had 96 dead victims from their ranks after all. It still brings a tear to my eyes whenever I remember. The injustice, the callous Establishment cover up. The abject performance of the police. The heroism of the surviving fans who tried to help their fellows.. The decades on injustice that followed, the usually Government “Enquiry” ie cover up….

      The Sun newspaper was particularly vehement and callous. It accused Liverpool fans of picking the pockets of their dead mates! and more. It is still shunned in Liverpool by those of a certain age

  4. newensign says:

    Interesting to hear you witnessed the Hillsborough manufactured debacle first hand Pete. Sport has never been the same since the money power poked its nose in!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      I think it was more incompetence than manufactured newensign. Different times, more real somehow, hard to believe it was deliberate, but who knows

      96 scousers died, I’ve no doubts about that either. Too many folk knew people who had been there after all. All scousers were touched by the event. There were probably 25 or 30k at the event. A lot of them saw what happened and were utterly traumatised. Every scouser knew that the authorities were lying, all of us, without exception

      Remember that in the 1980’s scousers were notorious for resisting the tyranny and the devastation of local communities that went on all over the north of England and the UK at that time. Scousers resisted, and were vilified in media as a result, fair game, deserved what they got, scousers are scum……..

      Their response was: “Fuck you Tory southerners, we shall not be moved”, that was the common attitude. Very divisive times, clearly deliberately so

      Yes sport has been globalised like the rest. Its soul is dead now at elite level. I only watch the Blues now from lifelong habit, I never watch any other Prem games, which are rigged by corrupt money and tv men. Soulless and dispiriting

  5. Belyi says:

    I saw a video a while back about this, saying that the intention was to bring in all-seater stadiums by showing that it was difficult to handle crowds on terraces. However, the police lost control and it wasn’t meant to end in a massacre of Liverpool fans. Perhaps just another theory.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Packed terraces and a swaying crowd were absolutely wonderful back in the day Belyi. As long as you were a fit youngster. I’ve been in massive crowds in Liverpool and Manchester and Birmingham when I was younger. Twice as many in the stadiums then as they take now. The odd injury but nothing serious, crowds always look after their own, or at least used too before Elf and Safety culture took over under the globalist yoke…..

      The 2 Liverpool disasters were real. Heysel in Belgium, when Juventus fans died at the European Cup Final, and Hillsborough. I’ve no doubts about that, I knew a lot of people who attended and saw for themselves. Some went to both events and suffered 2 traumas

      These events had happened previously in packed stadia too. But nobody cared about that miniscule risk to ourselves. We lads were having too much fun all swaying, singing, sweating and shouting en mass. It’s impossible to describe the feeling when 50k folk are fully focussed on the same thing in a packed stadium and high as kites on the excitement. A group identity and a group soul emerge organically that made it an absolute joy to be alive. Everyone there is your friend, all and everyone, no exceptions. We danced and hugged and kissed and cried tears all together, as one. Nothing like it anywhere now

      So, can’t be having that can we. Need to stop that. Don’t want the plebs having FUN…..

      • Belyi says:

        When you say how much fun it was on the terraces, Pete, I remember in the days when I was an Arsenal supporter and my Dad and I always had seats.

        A friend who went to Arsenal at the same time, a young, fit guy, told me that he had been on a terrace once and when the crowd started swaying and his feet came off the ground he was terrified and promised himself he’d never do that again..

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          Feet off the ground caused by a packed terrace swaying was totally exhilarating! I’ve experienced that a lot. I never ever saw any significant injuries either. Odd twisted ankle and the like but nothing serious. Lads were tougher and stronger then

          I went to Old Trafford once to watch a big game, I think it was a cup semi final, I know we won anyway. I was a well fed and solid 15 year old, and our crowd was jam packed on the Stretford end, a massive terrace that held 20k of us in one enclosure with a few “crush barriers” sparsely distributed across the terrace

          All swooping and swaying and tumbling and scrabbling to stay on our feet. I lost all the buttons on my shirt front and came out at the end totally dishevelled and exhausted, looking like I’d been in a massive brawl, sweaty and red faced. But high as a kite on endorphins and excitement, pure joy