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CPAC Board Resolution: Exit and Defund the WHO MERYL NASS FEB 22

First the whole thing (which is in small print) then the part relevant to the WHO in larger type. I like the linkage of police state tactics against political opponents (and politicizing medicine has made doctors like me political opponents) in other countries to what is happening in the US as well. Are we cooking with gas? enter image description here

I posted this in England Calling blog which enhances graphics from things like emails and then copied the post from England Calling to Tap.  Really clear!!!  I remember at school aged 13 being asked to write an essay on how to bring peace between Israel and Palestine (1968).  It seemed impossible and so it does 56 years later.  I find it hard to see it’s right to take sides in other peoples’ wars but seek peace and negotiation.  The UN has peace proposals being brought but US is vetoing them all.  That’s the main crime that I can see.  The Neocons want war everywhere.  And they control Washington.  The Left Wing sends countries to war more readily than The Right Wing.  Labour brought us Iraq (and WW2) and Afghanistan.  Cameron Libya and Syria – with Obama the Democrat the driving force and the Clintons.  We should fear a Labour government not only for taxation.
UK is top WHO backer which is top reason why England must get out.
White dragon